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Naked Pirate Dirty Santa 2020

12/11 03:00 PM to 12/13 03:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $89

So because all our favorite December events look to be canceled to due COVID19, it wouldn't stop us from enjoy an awesome chill hash weekend.Hells yeah, lots do it again.

Your rego will include ground and camping fees to the clothing optional resort (prices set upon tent camping, see below for rental and RV fees), dinner Friday and Saturday night will be provided as well as breakfast Saturday and Sunday. Lunch is on your own. Hash beer, (if you order from the bar, that will go on your own tab), gimmie, shiggy trail, shot trail, use of the facilities- hot tub, pool, dance floor and nekkid time!.
To ensure everyone's safety, we will be sticking to the CDC guild lines. Wear you masks, six feet distance, no shared vessels, etc.. You will be checked upon arrival, so if you are sick, keep your ass at home! We will try to ensure smaller groups amongst us.

CLOTHING IS OPTIONAL at the campground. You cannot wear clothes-at all- in the hot tub/pool. Please bring a towel to sit on in the pool area, no bare asses on seats. If down by the river, you must be covered.
No dogs, no firearms and no children! No phones, cameras or electric devices allowed in public area except in the area you are sleeping at (tent, rv area). People are naked and they do not need you creeping. No sexual behavior in the common area, keep that in you tent.
Please respect the residents, we will be asked to quiet down after midnight.

Rentals and RVs prices.
If you want an RV site with 30 amps, it will be $20 per night for 2 people, additional people will $2 per night.
RV sites with 50 amps are $23 per night for 2 people, $2 per night per additional person.
Cabin, RV and camper rentals range from $65-$120 per night. (Rentals will get $8 per person per night removed to accommodate the fee paid in the rego).

Payment options:
Vemno Rectal at

or call and complain. 313-657-2142
No Paypal. Sorry, I don't care

Start Location Details

Suwannee Valley Resort

786 N W Stephen Foster Dr, White Springs, FL

-------- Schedule of Events -------
Friday. 3-8pm check-in (pick up your gimmie and pitch a tent)
7pm-Dinner provided
930 HST-Naked Pirate H3 trail/tent shot crawl
Saturday Morning- 8-10am Breakfast
9am -1pm. pool time/ hangover recovery (bar opens 9am).
1pm Circle for trail- trail will include shiggy hash. (shot trail provided by SVR, tba, may be)
4pm ish- end circle, pool time, private tent time (wink, wink)
7pm-Dinner provided.
8pm- Naked Pirate themed reception/party. Christmas party/ Dirty Santa
11pm- Naked Pirate H3 trail – Bring nothing but an eyepatch
8-10am- Included breakfast
11am- hangover trail. Then get the fuck out!

Start Location Details

Suwannee Valley Resort

786 N W Stephen Foster Dr, White Springs, FL 32096

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