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How Do I...?

Stuck trying to figure something out? Try these how-to's.

  • Find the email you received when you rego'd.
  • Click the View Rego Details link in the email.
  • Click the Claim this Rego button on the Rego confirmation page.
  • If you can't find the rego email, shoot us an email with your hash name and we'll take a look.

It's a website to simplify hash event management. You can use it for everything from large event registration to keeping track of weekly trail attendance, and anything in between.

HashRego is open to all hashers and hash events, but you should probably have MM permission before you start creating events for your Kennel.

HashRego should not be used for non-hash events: Unofficial TT/hash drinking practice nights are fine, but your kid's bake sale doesn't belong here.

HashRego is free. If your Kennel chooses to use a payment processor like Paypal or Stripe they will charge fees.

Kennels have the option to charge a convenience fee to cover those costs, but either way 100% of all payments go directly to the Host Kennel's account.

There's no catch. HashRego is a non-profit tool and we like it that way.

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