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This event is full, but there is a waiting list started.


CoMoTIONH3 2nd Anal Tie Dye Run/imPurity Ball 2020

06/19 07:00 PM

A CoMoTIONH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $40


YO HALF MINDS: All attendees MUST Rego here through Hash Rego prior to the Event.


Payment can be made by sending $40 via PayPal (Friends & Family) by clicking the below link:

(Do ya boi Blows a solid and put your hash name in the notes if you can)

PayPal to Blows Thru Bush
Cash to cash.me
Venmo @EricDub1798

Sorry dum dums, no refunds. Trade or sell your rego if you can't make it. Just let us know who's selling and who's buying.

If payment is not received within 7 days your rego will be deleted!

OK, you dirty hippies, time again for the groooooooviest weekend in all Hashdom!

  1. If you're a tie dye dress run virgin, bring a new pure white dress. After trail we'll tie dye it for you or help you do it on your own. GET A DRESS THAT'S AT LEAST 90% COTTON. SYNTHETIC FABRIC DOESN'T HOLD DYE.

  2. If you're impure already, just bring the funky ass dress you made last year!

$40 buys you a weekend of fun, booze and food! And some cool personalized swag!
All the proceeds after costs will go to Rainbow House Children's Emergency Shelter.


7:00pm Pay as you go pub crawl/urban trail. We'll show you the best and worst bars in CoMo. Hopefully you'll be too drunk to notice the difference.


AM - Bloody Mary bar and homemade breakfast/brunch

Noonish - On out! Lets get weird. Maybe shiggy. OK, definitely shiggy. Or a rope swing. Could be "swimming" in unconventional places. Definitely not a tower you can climb and have sex on top of.

4-5 - Homemade dinner! Lots of local CoMo beer!

5-??? Tie dyeing! Music! Yard games! Alcoholic slushies!


AM - Continental breakfast

11ish - Hangover trail

Crash/Camp Space

Cheesy and Banjo have room in their back yard for tents. Reach out to him if that's your plan. Everyone is welcome, we just don't want to promise more space than there is.

(Facebook event page)[https://www.facebook.com/events/495253894527874/]

If you need crash space with a roof, contact Blows Thru Bush (ericdub@gmail.com or 803-386-7835)!

A white dress (at least 90% cotton) to dye if you don't have one already.

Start Location Details

Cheesy Stashe and Brazilian Banjo's House

300 E. Brandon Rd., Columbia, MO

Public Event

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