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Anal 'Bout Anal (ABA)


"How do you knock on a tent?"

CH3 3rd Anal PABA's Flash Trail: SLUMBER PARTY REGO ONLY 2023

07/28 05:00 PM

A CH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $100


Anal 'Bout Anal (ABA), Pussy Eating Trauma


This rego page is specifically for hashers who are intending to crash at PET & ABA's for the weekend. If you are crashing and intend on floating as well, please rego for the float here.

Join us for PABA's fun weekend slumber party! This is a first cum, first serve for sleeping arrangements. We have a sunroom, basement, living room and two bedrooms with queens. We also have LOTS of space outside if you prefer to sleep in a tent.

What's Included:
Food, keg beer, crash space
Transportation TO and FROM the river on Saturday

What to Bring:
Sleeping stuff (inflatable mattress, cot, cardboard box, pillow, blankets)
Bathing suit for pool and hot tub
Your shit for the river
Kisses for the hosts!

Rego can be paid to ABA via Venmo/PayPal: csmadden19@gmail. Please be sure to click "friends/family" to avoid a processing fee, and include your hash name!

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

5:00PM Arrival, kegs tapped

8ish: Breakfast and coffee!
10:00AM Put on your sunscreen and get your shit together
11:00AM Leave for the river! Bus transportation provided!
?? Get home from the river!
6:00PM: Homemade BBQ meal provided!


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