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WH4 Trail #2020: The Apocalypse

05/29 03:30 PM

A WH4 Trail

Cost: $6*


Red Roper, Down Down on the Brown Brown


Do you remember 2020? We wish we didn't. 2020 was marked by conquest, war, famine, and death, so trail 2020 is apocalypse themed! We have to laugh about it because our only other option is to cry really really hard again. We will put you through a trail with shiggy equal to the social, economic, and societal breakdowns we all enduring together while alone. But we will make it up to you by coping just like we did in 2020- Drinking brown liquor and trying to figure out how we will survive.

BIG DISCLAIMER: There will be several areas of intense shiggy for runners AND WALKERS. There are are water crossings, but there are also water walkings where being dry is not an option. You WILL get wet. Water was at least mid-thigh on Roper, and yes, Americans will use anything but the metric system.

Start location w/ directions: Ft. Totten Metro parking lot.

Trail A-B

Theme: Apocalypse

Walker's length: First half ~1.75m ~ 1.2m
Runners length: First half 2.5m second half 2.4m
Shiggy rating:6.90

Dog friendly? only four the toughest of canines, highly discouraged.
Stroller friendly? absolutely not. This is not a child friendly trail.

Any items to bring on trail: Water. Dry shoes and socks and maybe pants/shorts. Shiggy socks. Bug spray with lots of DEET.

Pre-lube location: Brown bag

The Apocalypse

sunscreen, deet, extra socks, shoes, clothes, dry bag, vessel, WATER bottle

Start Location Details

Ft. Totten Metro

Start Location TBA

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