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Online Rego for this event has not started yet. Rego opens 04/02 12:01 AM EDT

This event will cap at 100 Regos.

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WCH3 OctoBEERfest Ginnie Springs 2020

10/02 08:00 AM to 10/04 05:00 PM

A WCH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $70*

Adults ONLY Camping, Tubing, Snorkeling, Diving, BBQ, Bonfires, Shitty trails, beer....hashbauchery.

We’ve reserved the TURKEY ROOST area, just downstream of the Devils Spring system. This is the same private dead-end area we stayed at in 2018, it's along the river and we've also reserved the adjacent pavilion. The campsites are reserved for Friday & Saturday nights (October 2nd and October 3rd). The entrance/camping fees will be prepaid by the organizer, therefore all individuals participating MUST have a prepaid/completed REGO. If you want to come early or stay late, the fee for any extra nights must be paid directly to the campground upon arrival.

A Rego is NOT complete/valid until it has been PAID. All payments must be sent to spraynprayhasher@gmail.com via PayPal. Utilize the "Sending to a Friend" option to avoid any fees. If you need other payment options, send an email or facebook message to Spray-n-Pray.

- Rego is capped at 100.
- Early REGO: $70, Aug. 1: $80, Sep. 1: $90.
- Rego covers camping fees, hash cash for 4 events, gimme, patch and toe tag.
- Go to www.octoBEERfest.beer for frequent updates/event details. .
- Rego does NOT include food/snacks, campfire beer/liquor.
- Beyond the 4 events, this is a BYOE campout (Bring Your Own Everything)
- REFUNDS??? The only Refunds that will be offered is if the event cancels, otherwise, No Refunds. If you pay but cannot go, it is up to you to arrange a swap of rego.
- All Rego Swaps must be communicated to the organizer to update entry list. If you aren't on the list, you won't get into the park without paying again.
- Click here to get to the Facebook Page: OctoBEERfest HHH Facebook

Can muggles join us (non-hashers)?
Please be cognizant of our traditions when inviting friends that aren't hashers. This is a hash campout, we are a unique breed. Ensure they would be a good compliment to the group dynamics.

Can I bring pets?
Park policy strictly prohibits any animals beyond hashers.

Will I have electricity/ water?
We've rented a pavilion it has 4 electric outlets to be shared among 100 hashers. The campsites are "primitive". Stock up on batteries. There are full restroom/shower facilities with hot water and electric outlets. Water is also at the campsite for cooking and drinking.

What are my transportation options to get to the event?
Coordinate with other participants in an effort to caravan/carpool to the location. Parking will be limited and you may not be able to park by the location of your tent.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email: Spraynprayhasher@gmail.com. You should receive a reply back shortly. Otherwise you can just hit up Spray-n-Pray on facebook.(Sprayn Pray Hasher)

Is my registration transferrable?
Yes, you can transfer your rego but you are responsible for getting the funds from the new person. All of the registration information for person taking the rego (name, kennel, hash name etc.) will need to be provided to the organizer. There is a main list at the guard shack, if the updated name isn't on the list they won't be allowed in without having to pay again. No transfers within 7 days of the event.

What is the refund policy?
No refunds. See above transfer policy.

Where can I get more information about Ginnie Springs?

All equipment/gear you feel necessary to camp out under the stars for three days and two nights. There is an on-site camp store with the essential food supplies you may need but they do NOT sell alcohol. It is highly recommended to team up with other participants to share tents & coolers. A photo ID will be required when you check-in.

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