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WaukeshaH3 Red Dress Run 2022

06/10 04:00 PM

A WaukeshaH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $60*



Waukesha H3's Umpteenth Anal Red Dress Run!

_Cum for one day or cum for the whole weekend. Stay for the cheese farts & beer!
I mean... Cum support this year's charity, the Wisconsin Humane Society! _

OnOn to the important things.... SWAG!
I'm excited to announce this year's gimmie will be a shirt designed by our very own artist in residence, Strawberry Cuntcake! (Rego by May 15th to guarantee a gimmie.)

See Schedule of Events for Pre & Post Lube info as we'll have optional shenanigans up the wazoo all weekend.

Red Dress Run

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

Time: 3:00pm
Location: Enlightened Brewing (2020 S Allis St. Milwaukee)
Cost: Pay as you go
Details After one-two beers and a show of force, leisuely crawl will commence to multiple locations of food and multi-colored beverages. Well laid trail will allow late-cummers to catch the lead pack at their prerogative.

Still belly-aching over possible Eagle Trail and floggings if morale does not improve.

Further enticements to follow at the whim of the hare.

Time: 1:00pm check-in, 2:00pm Chalk talk
Location: Landmark Lanes
Cost: Current Rego Pricing
Details: Checkin at 1pm. Chalk Talk at 2pm.
Only the finest in Wisconsin hashing! Beer. Seltzers. Games. Barbershop Quartets! Fundraising. BEER! Swag!

Time: 9:30am
Location: Fuel Cafe 5th St
Cost: Pay as you go
Details: We have a reservation for 20 in the outdoor area. Please show up on time so we can be respectful to the staff holding tables for us.

Want to go all day? Just can't get out of bed this early? Don't worry! There are plenty of nearby bars to continue punishing your livers!

Public Event

See the full list!

44 Hashers came


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