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WaukeshaH3 Pearl Harbor XXXV 2021

12/03 03:00 PM

A WaukeshaH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $70*



Cum join us for the 35th Anal Pearl Harbor Hash!

Ease your livers into the weekend with a semi-choose your own adventure exploration of Milwaukee. We'll have a traditional Friday Fish Fry dinner followed by a short trail.

Saturday trail will be completed with flour bomb war, American Whiskey & Sake. Dinner and dance party to follow!

Sunday Hangover Brunch will be served for those who are able to walk, crawl, or drag themselves out of bed.

Americ V. Japan

It's Wisconsin. In December. Bring your layers.

Start Location Details

Milwaukee, WI

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning.

Join us for legs & eggs, oats and ovaries, tits and tator tots.

You didn't travel to Wisconsin on a Friday to skip out on a fish fry, did you? Did you!? We'll also have a short trail option.

This is what you're cumming for!

Yeah, you're hungover as fuck. Know what fixes that? More alcohol.

Punish your liver a little more with bloodies and brunch.

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