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VoodooH3 Red Skirt 2021

08/12 06:30 PM

A VoodooH3 Trail

Cost: $8*


Tits Don't Fit and Voodoo MM


Dress as an iconic virgin in a red skirt! There will be beer and some surprises provided at BN and circle, hence the hash cash, but please bring your own beer if you plan to drink more than a 6-pack or are gluten-free. No transfers or refunds, sorry.

The Parable of Hash Virgins

Red skirt, whistle, flashlight, extra beer, money for hab

Start Location Details

Lemann Park and Playground

628 N. Claiborne Ave., New Orleans, LA 7011

Public Event

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19 Hashers cumming


M R Dicks



(Voodoo Hash Hash ...)

Drowning in Dick


Imagine My Erection

Voodoo Hash Hash Harriers
If it’s not shiggy, It...

I Can't Dive 55


Just Stephanie


Just Stephanie

(Siete Cerveza H3)

Teener Schnitzel

Siete Cerveza H3

Tits Don't Fit


Smothered Buttered n Uddered

Mosquito Hash House Harriers

Nice Spread


The Iceman Thumbeth

Voodoo Hash Hash Harriers

Just Charles


Collide or Ride Her

Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers

Sex Feft Undfr


Meadow Muffin


Wrong Dong Thong


Nipples to Infinity

Osan Bulgogi Hash House Harriers

Can I Watch