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This event will cap at 100 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.


VH3 Birmingham Vulcan RDR 2021

02/12 04:00 PM to 02/14 10:00 AM

A VH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $89*


Catcher in the Eye and AFLAC


Since Mardi Gras is cancelled pretty much everywhere, we are bringing it to the Birmingham Vulcan Red Dress Run 2021!

When you rego, you can purchase shot valentine's to be distributed at check in. The valentines are $5 each & will include a mini bottle of booze (to be chosen by you)&, a note from you. Buy as many as you want! All proceeds will go to the Crisis Center donation.

Basic info is as follows but may change:

Friday 4 PM we start popping tops and beginning the check in process. WE WILL BE TAKING COVID PRECAUTIONS AT THE DOOR
-We will be temp checking via forehead scanners in accordance to Jefferson Co. guidelines. If you scan at 100.4 or above, you will be given 15 minutes and we will temp check you again. If you do not scan within normal range, you will not be allowed to check in to the event and your rego will be forfeit. This is for the health and safety of all involved in this event.
-You will need to sign a waiver releasing Vulcan Hash House Harriers and the hotel from any liability in regards to COVID 19 and the requirement that if you do test positive after the event, you let MM know so we can inform the rest of the attendees for quarantine and to watch for sypmtoms. Signing this will be part of the check in process at the door. Without this waiver, you will not be allowed to attend the event.
-Please be as careful as you can, wear masks, wash hands, respect the boundaries of people who are trying to socially distance and still enjoy the event.

Dinner will be at 6 with menu TBA.

Y'all said that you loved the dance party so we are bringing it back as a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball! Dress in your most outrageous or glamorous attire, however Mardi Gras speaks to you. Keep in mind, the quest for Red Dress Queen starts from the moment you check in!

We will be ending the night with a midnight Shooting Star trail that will go from room to room. Got a tasty shot? Get with Suppository Depository (Raven Pugh) to host a shot!

Saturday morning will start with a mimosa and bloody mary bar along with a brewing of Java H3! Bring your french presses and beans to share! This is a draft punk style coffee brewing born out of too much shitty coffee (or worse, no coffee at all) at events so bring your best!

Whether you're sipping on the hair of the dog or the nectar of the gods, the hab fair will be happening Saturday morning before lunch and trail. Let us spend money for your kennel and wear your swag!

Saturday after lunch, we board a bus into Birmingham where opening circle will be RA’ed by our own lovely PBR. LET THE TRAIL BEGIN!! You’re in for a treat , AFLAC and Catcher in the Eye,take you on a historic urban run/walk through the city.

Do whatever you need to do to get ready for dinner at 6, followed by the raffle to
raise money for the Birmingham Crisis Center, (Last year was nothing to sneeze at. We are out to beat last year's donation of $5300.00!!) and the crowning of your 2021 Red Dress Queen by our reigning Queen 4" Spike, so you know the bar is high!

Post crowning will be Olympdicks hosting by My Bloody Palestine so start picking teams now!

Sunday is GTFO!

If your cumming in Thursday night, let us know and we will get some fun together. Sunday Brunch will be at the discretion of the attendees as we will not formally organize brunch this year. However, we adore Marty's GM in Irondale and they always treat the hashers right.

Once you have paid, your rego is nonrefundable except in the event of COVID related cancellation. No refunds at all will be given after 1-29-21 due to the necessity of solidifying funds and plans for the event.

* If you feel sick or have any symptoms related to COVID-19 please do not cum. If you've been exposed and haven't completed a 14 day quarantine, please do not cum. Please help us keep everyone safe*

Also, gimmies are only guaranteed to the first 100 PAID regos

Mardi Gras with a bit of Valentine's thrown in

Red dress, money to spend for charity, all your cool hash outfits. and full body condoms.

Location Details

Start Location TBA

Ramada Birmingham Airport

To be put on the hash floor, you must CALL ((205) 719-1656)to make your reservation. Tell them they are with the Red Dress Run.

5216 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212

Schedule of Events

4pm: Check In - Beer available. Temp checks/waiver signing/start the quest for RDR Queen
6pm: Dinner
9pm: Masquerade Ball
12pm: Shooting Star Trail

8am : Breakfast/Java H3/Mimosa & Bloody Bar
9-11 am: Hab Fair
11:45- lunch
12:50 pm: Bus Boarding to leave for trail. There will be 2 rounds of bus boarding. If you are not on the 2nd one at 1:15pm, you will be left
1:30 pm: Opening Circle
5pm: Bus pickup back to the hotel
530 pm: Closing cirlce
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Raffle
8pm (or after raffle): RDR queen crowning
9pm: Olympdicks


Public Event

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