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This event will cap at 125 Regos.


VH3 Birmingham Red Dress 2022

02/11 04:00 PM to 02/13 11:00 AM

A VH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $89*


Catcher in the Eye and A.F.L.A.C.

Once you have paid, your rego is nonrefundable except in the event of COVID related cancellation. No refunds at all will be given after 1-29-21 due to the necessity of solidifying funds and plans for the event.

COVID precautions will be decided as we get closer to the event as it is four months away and status may change, however we will be in line with Jefferson County guidelines for events. As you did last year, you will need to sign a waiver releasing Vulcan Hash House Harriers and the hotel from any liability in regards to COVID 19 and the requirement that if you do test positive after the event, let MM know so we can inform the rest for quarantine and to watch for symptoms. This information will remain anonymous. Signing this will be part of the check in process at the door. Without this waiver, you will not be allowed to attend the event.

Please be respectful to those masking or trying to social distance. Remember that CONSENT IS LAW

The quest for Red Dress Queen starts from the second you step through the door! Our reigning Queen LeoHard will be watching and will pick 3-4 princesses while on trail on Saturday. This princesses will have to show their mettle through two tasks...one that involves imbibing with royal poise and one that requires showmanship. Make sure that you're brushing up on your showtunes in case you're chosen!

Check in and covid procedures starts Friday at 4. Please be patient with us.

Dinner at 6

After dinner is our dance party. Theme this year is My Bloody Valentine. As always, do with that what you will. Make it gory, make it glam, make it vampy, we don't care, but remember that nudity is only allowed on the third floor

Shooting Star is at midnight. Get with PBR (Stephanie Taylor) to host a shot.

Saturday morning, breakfast is provided by the hotel. Be nice to them, they put up with a lot from us and we tend to all crawl down at once. As always, we will have the bloody mary and mimosa bar until supplies are gone. Java H3 will also be brewing. Bring your french presses and beans to share! This is a draft punk style coffee brewing born out of too much shitty coffee (or worse, no coffee at all) at events so bring your best! If you don't bring to share then resign yourself to what you can get from the hotel.

Whether you're sipping on the hair of the dog or the nectar of the gods, the hab fair will be happening Saturday morning before lunch and trail. Let us spend money for your kennel and wear your swag!

Saturday after lunch, we board a bus into Birmingham where opening circle will be RA’ed by our own lovely PBR. LET THE TRAIL BEGIN!! AFLAC and Catcher in the Eye are our hares again this year and we know that they will give us a good one.

Do whatever you need to do to get ready for dinner at 6, followed by the raffle to raise money for the Birmingham Crisis Center, and the crowning of your 2022 Red Dress Queen!

Post crowning will be Olympdicks hosted by My Bloody Palestine so start picking teams now!

Sunday is help us clean up and GTFO! There is no 'official' brunch, but we will be heading back to Marty's GM in Irondale. They have expanded their space and are excited to see us come back.

My Bloody Valentine

Location Details

Start Location TBA

Ramada by Wyndham Birmingham Airport, 5216 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212

Hotel cost will be $69 per night and this includes your breakfast at the hotel restaurant. This price is good for Thursday - Monday for sure.

Booking this year will be different than last year. The manager heard your concerns and frustrations about calling to book and getting confusion from the staff so he is going to handle it all himself.

To book, you will text Hugh the manager directly at 205.643.8824 with your first and last name, hash name, whether you want a king room or a room with 2 beds and how many nights/the dates you will be staying. He will then assign rooms as the texts come in. You will not pay or put a card down until you get to the hotel on check in day and he will have all the keys primed and ready for check in.

5216 Messer Airport Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35212

Schedule of Events

4pm: Check In - Beer available. Complete any Covid precautions and waiver signing before coming through the door
6 pm: Dinner
7pm,: Draft Punk H3 in Hashpitality Suite on 3rd Floor
9pm: My Bloody Valentine Ball with DJ
12pm: Shooting Star Trail

8am -BREAKFAST PROVIDED BY THE HOTEL IN THE RESTAURANT JUST BEFORE YOU ENTER THE BALLROOM. Keep in mind, they are servicing the whole hotel. There may be a wait. Be nice to the staff, they are good to us.
8am - until things run out: Bloody Mary
9-11 am: Hab Fair
11:45am - lunch
12:50 pm: Bus Boarding to leave for trail. There will be 2 rounds of bus boarding. If you are not on the 2nd one at 1:15pm, you will be left
1:30 pm: Opening Circle
5pm: Bus pickup back to the hotel
5:30 pm: Closing circle
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Raffle
8pm: RDR Queen 2nd task and crowning
9pm-ish: Olympdicks + additional activity along with Olympdicks


Unofficial Post RDR Brunch at Marty's GM,5415 Beacon Dr, Irondale, AL 35210.
This is the same place where we had brunch last year. They have expanded their space and are ready and waiting for us!

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