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VH3 Birmingham RDR 2020

02/14 12:00 PM to 02/16 10:10 AM

A VH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $89


AFLAC and Catcher in the Eye

WE’RE DOWN TO THE WIRE FOLKS!! The 2020 Birmingham Red Dress Run kicks off Friday, Feb.14th!! Quick business, nudity will be allowed on the third floor where all the Hasher’s will be staying. The final schedule is as follows:

Friday 4 PM we open the coolers and start poppin tops. This begins the check in process. Make a point to meet a new face as there will be hashers from far and wide.

Dinner begins at 6 and consist of a gourmet potato bar. This should carb you up for the long-haul that is Friday night binge drinking.

Draft Punk starts at 7 and will be hosted by the one and only, Prince Fungus cuming all the way from Music City to reign over the festivities. Bring your snottiest craft beers. The beer you consider superior to all else just so you get the bragging rights for draft punk Birmingham RDR 2020.

Next on the agenda we kick off the Sweetheart and Sparkles Valentine's Prom. Wear the sparkliest, twirliest, sluttiest dress you can conjure up and draw as much attention while remaining within the confines of legal public decency. Don’t wanna be too cliché but it is 2020 so think 1920s if you need a point of reference, but yes, it’s already been done and we’re going to beat that dead horse again. Otherwise, you do you.

Birmingham RDR has a tradition of crowning a new queen at each event. Cum Scout, the illustrious reigning queen, will be in attendance to crown a new queen for the 2020 seat up for grabs. No idea what he has up his skirt for this event but anxious to find out.

Afterward, there will be karaoke for the brave and a shot trail for the not so brave. Everyone else can pivot between the two.

Saturday morning starts off with a Mimosa/Bloody Mary bar as well as the Java H3 tasting. Coffee aficionados are almost as obnoxious as craft beer drinkers. Be sure to bring your favorite beans and french press!! Just be aware, you will be harshly judged on your offering to the hangover gods.

As the Saturday morning resurrection kicks into high gear this will be the time to sell/buy wares at the hab fair. Bring all the socks with the cool sayings, the personalized mugs, fanny packs and other 4imprint merch for the hab heads. TAKE MY MONEY MF!!!

Saturday after lunch, we board a bus for Irondale where opening circle will be RA’ed by our own lovely PBR and you know the girl can pull a circle. LET THE TRAIL BEGIN!! You’re in for a treat as seasoned ass-kicking professional hares, AFLAC and Catcher in the Eye, take you over the hills, through the woods, and through the tunnels. Be prepared for shiggy and don't forget your cranium lights (and helmets) Safety third! Closing circle will be back at the hotel in the parking lot.

Please feel free to take this time to nap, get in a quickie, clean up, IV drip, whatever you gotta do to get up to get down for dinner at 6 followed by a raffle with fabulous prizes to raise additional monies for the Crisis Center of Birmingham. So bring your dollar-dollars and increase your chances of winning some really cool stuff.

IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT and we‘re doing a scavenger hunt hosted by Suppository Depository (aka Deep) and Head Shoulders Knees and Cum (knees and cum). I urge you to save a few brain cells for this endeavor, they may or may not be necessary. The one with the most toys wins and there can only be one!!

Sunday morning GTFO!! Brunch worthy local institutions will be suggested, organized and allegiances will be formed as the locals claim their place is the best. Out of towners throw a dart, it’s all good. Inflict further damage on that liver before setting out on the long drive home where you reminisce about the weekend with a shit-eating grin spread across your face. SEE YOU ALL SOON!!

Please note, only the first 100 PAID regos will recieve full gimmes

cranium light, shiggy clothes, red dress, coffee, French press, craft beer, money to spend for charity, fabulousness for sweethearts and sparkles

Location Details

Start Location TBA

Ramada Inn Airport (205) 719-1656

Rate is $69/night. Call and tell them that you are with the 'Red Dress Run' to get the discounted rate. Also, that is the key to be put on the 3rd floor with the rest of the hashers.

Price break is extended to the 13th & 17th for anyone wanting to cum early and/or leave late.

We do not have the whole hotel, but we do have an entire floor (possibly two!) to ourselves. Nudity is allowed on our floor, but not on the common areas of the hotel.

5216 Messer Airport Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35212

Schedule of Events

Check In: 4pm-7pm
Beer available at 4pm
Dinner: 6pm
Draft Punk: 7pm - Bring a 6 pack for sharing
Sweetheart and Sparkles Dance: 8pm
Karaoke and shot trail: 10pm

Breakfast: 8am
Java H3: 8 am -- Bring a brew to share and French Press!
Hab Fair and Late Check In: 9 -11
Lunch: 11:45
Bus Boarding for trail: 1pm
Bus leaving: 1:15 - if you are not on the bus, you will be left
Opening Circle: 1:30
Bus Pickup back to hotel: 5pm
Closing circle at hotel: 5:30pm
Dinner: 6 pm
Raffle: 7 pm
Scavenger Hunt: 8pm


Public Event

100 Hashers came:

Dungeons N Younguns

Vulcan Hash House Harriers


Key West Hash House Harriers

ATM Crusher

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Aw Burned Out

Black Sheep H3

Baskin Throbbins

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Bunker Buster

Draft Punk H3

Can I Fuck Your Sister?

Gulf Coast H3

Curling Iron Maiden

Emerald Coast Hash House Harriers

Daddy's Cum Drop


Double Stuffed Whore-e-o

Nomad Hash House Harriers

Easy A

Mutha Rucker Hash House Harriers

Erectional Officer

Traveling Shit Show H3
Roadwhore Extraordinaire

Every Surface of The Furnace

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Farm to Table

Savannah Hash House Harriers
Birmingham RDR 2020

Farta Sutra

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Find Somebody

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Fist Her Twice

Huzzah Hash House Harriers

Gay For Pussy

Siete Cerveza H3


Key West Hash House Harriers

Highway Hummer

Jax Beach H3

I'll Pack Her


Kappa Grabba Cock

Sin City Hash House Harriers and Harriettes

Knocked Out with My Cock Out

Survivor Hash House Harriers

Lick Long and SpockHer

Gulf Coast H3
How R ya now?

Martin Luther Queen

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Moochin' Wench

Beers and Tacos Hash House Harriers


Downtown Wilmingon H3
You're Welcome



Pissy Fit

Survivor Hash House Harriers/Vulcan

Poly Doesn't Know

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Pussy Gifted

Survivor Hash House Harriers

Rape Cubby


Rim Job

Gulf Coast H3

Scout's Anal

Jacksonville H3
Two in the stink, one ...

Spanks 4 Cumming

Kittens H3
Lets get weird.

Stitches Be Crazy

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hash House Harriers

Suppository Depository

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Tag My Juicy Target

Panama City H3

Twater Sports


Twenty in the Bush is Worth Four in the Tub

Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Hash House Harriers

Twisted Shitster

Survivor Hash House Harriers

Twisted Shitter

Vulcan Hash House Harriers

Walk O' Shamy

Chattanooga Choo Choo Hash House Harriers


Survivor Hash House Harriers

Yakety Yak Black Dildo's Back

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Ass full of lube and cream


Ball Snatch Her



(Draft Punk H3/Mus...)




(Survivor Hash Hou...)

Burnt Rubber

(Black Sheep H3)



Catcher In The Eye

(Wandering Soul H3)

Cheeto Dick


Chia Head

(Baltimore Annapol...)

Concrete Suppository


Crapper McWrapper


Cum Scout


Everybody in my mouth


Flotsam and Jizm

(Music City )

Fossil Fucker


Fucking BYOB


Ginja Ninja


Glue Factory Gum Job


Head Shoulders Knees & Cum

(Vulcan Hash House...)

In Her Cuntinental Missile


jerryz kidd


Just Liz


Just Megan






My Bloody Palestine


My Clit’s As Tall As I Am


NFN Wilson


No, But I Want To

(Nomad Hash House ...)

Penis Grigi Ho

(Vulcan H3)

Poop There It Is


Prince Fungus

(Draft Punk)

Pussy Blue Ribbon


Raelyn Yoshihashi

(Lost Boobs Hash H...)

Read my Boobs


Sloppy Taco


Statutory Muffin


Stupid is as Stupid Does

(DUFFH3, ScotchH3)

Tequila Boner


The SadHeAteHer


The Vagilante

(Siete Cervesa H3)

Tits On Demand




Train Bang


Trunk Junk


W W Done


What’s Up Cock?!

(BH3/Vulcan H3)

Woobie Dancer


Yoron Weed