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UHHH Godfather, part 2 (Outside) 2023

05/12 04:19 PM to 05/14 04:39 PM

A UHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $60

Grab your tommy guns and keep your canoli's. It's time for UHHH's second anal Godfather Event!. Hosted by our awesome resident hasher/godfather Sicilian Family Portrait, come stay at his awesome house with a mostly secluded pool for all you that love being naked, lots of crash space, and, of course, food and beer.

Don't forget to get your best mobster, flapper, or roaring 20's outfit to compete in our Godfather costume contest.

This rego is for the people wanting to camp outside. (the other rego is for the normies that want to sleep inside). There are lots of woods for your tents and trees for hammocks.

The Godfather

Extra drinks for shooting star, mobster outfits, your gorgeous self. Cost: $60

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

5PM - Rego

6PM - Dinner - From our local Venus Pie!

10PM - shooting star trail

8AM - 10AM - Breakfast
12PM - 1PM - lunch
2PM - Trail
6PM - Dinner
8PM - Godfather costume contest

8AM - 10AM - breakfast
10AM - Get Out

Public Event

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