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UHHH 20th Analversary Red Dress Run! 2018

03/25 02:00 PM

A UHHH Other Event

Cost: $40


Chew-my-bacca, Hammered and Nailed, Dixty9


Here it is folks! The 20th analversary RDR. This years charity will be The Pendleton Place Children's center. Pendleton Place, located in Greenville, offers a place of safety and comfort for children hurt by abuse and neglect. The group's mission is to keep children safe and support families in crisis through prevention, assessment, and intervention. For more info, check out their website

We will have beer, trail, beer, gimmes, beer, trail and more beer as we run through the streets of beautiful Downtown Greenville and raise money to help the children!


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114 e court st, greenville SC 29601

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