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UHHH 1st UHHH Memorial Yellow Dress

06/11 01:00 PM

A UHHH Trail

Cost: $25


FOURnicorn and Gatorbater



This will be Upstates H3's first year hosting. This event will travel between Upstate h3 and Charlotte Vaginas.
This is a Memorial trail for those we have lost to suicide. This year we remember Gargles, she lost her battle in 2021. If you'd like to help celebrate her life and memory there will be patches for sale $10 each with funds going to help care for her mom, who she provided for before her passing.
If you want a Gargles patch this is additional $$, use Venmo or PayPal to send $10 directly to FOURnicorn
@k-g-4nicorn or klgauthi@alumni.unca.edu
Donations will be made to https://save.org/who-we-are/
If you want to donate but can't attend you can send donations to Scott Ellis on PayPal @uh3.

Yellow Dress, bananas

Start Location Details

TBD, Greenville, SC


Public Event

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