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Regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid.


I Don’t Care Bear


That’s right you like it!

TyTsH3 Teal Dress Run 2023

09/30 12:00 PM

A Teal Dress event hosted by TyTsH3

Cost: $35


Five Finger Fuck Truck

Come join TyTsH3 for our 5th Teal Dress Run as we raise money for the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center.

Rego is $35. It will get you trail, drink check(s), circle drinks, and gimme. Our goal is to donate most of the rego to the charity.

You are not considered registered until you have regoed AND paid.
Gimme cut off date is Monday, September 4th. You must be regoed and paid by deadline for a gimme.

To pay! Send payment to I Don't Care Bear via Vemno or Paypal friends & family. Include Teal Dress 2023 and hash name.
Vemno: @Danielle-Farris (last 4 of #0302)
Paypal: DFarris101@gmail.com

Teal Dress; Sexual Assault Awareness

Teal Dress, sunscreen/hat, ID, money for on after. Do not bring fur babies!

Start Location Details

Maverick Park Gazebo (Next to the Social Spot)

1000 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78215

Schedule of Events

Thirsty Thursday: More details to come.

Friday is a Hashing Day!
San Antonio H3 has trail on Friday night. $5 hash cash gets you a trail.

Keep an eye out on for a Facebook group invite and updated information!

Meet at the Maverick Park Gazebo (Next to the Social Spot) at 11:30AM to check in.
Trail begins at 12 noon.
On after: TBA

Public Event

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