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Camo Sutra


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TSH3 Jug Bay Fall Down-Down Classic 2023

09/23 10:00 AM to 09/24 03:00 PM

A TSH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $10*

You will need to go to PayPal and send the money directly.
PayPal: @ShelleyFolk
Use the Friends & Family option

The Barkley Fall Classic is a brutal 50k with no trail markings, all the elevation ever, and has a very high DNF rate. The Jug Bay Fall Down Down Classic is… not that, but we like the name and some of the traditions.

This event will feature multiple trails at the always amazing Jug Bay Natural Area. The trails will feature a majestic tour of many of the rusty cars, trucks, and buses we’ve found over the years, as well as the Upside Down, and possibly some very creepy taxidermy.

There will be three separate trails of varying lengths. Hashers can do as many of them (and as many times) as their bodies and livers will handle. Person who clocks the most distance before nightfall will get a pat on the back and a look of …but why?

For $10 you get trail with beer and orange food as well as a small giveaway.

Pack sets off when Chix, BJ3, Camo, and ADIDAS crack a beer*.

*or more likely, another beer as we will have already been drinking before the event starts.


If you want to camp Saturday night, we’ve also rented sites. Camping option is limited to 45 hashers. Camping is free and encouraged if you plan to drink a lot. For the love of Gispert don’t drink and drive.

Camping is BYO (food, beer, supplies, etc).

Jug Bay’s Rules:
No RV's
Quiet Hours are 10pm-Sunrise.
No nudity

Our Rules:
This is intended to be a chill weekend and a fun event. We don’t care if you get drunk but if you are the type that requires a babysitter, don’t camp. Find a sober ride or call an Uber. If you think you are special and want to run around naked, stay the fuck home. You will be told to leave.

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Jug Bay Natural Area Campsites


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Camo Sutra

Today I shall be witty...