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TKDH3 Dragon Rides 2023

05/18 05:45 AM to 05/21 08:00 PM

A Motorcycle/Car Ride Weekend event hosted by TKDH3

Cost: $35*


Pen Island

Rego is $35, per person. This gets you beers for the weekend and a shared tent camping area at The Simple Life Mountain Retreat and Campground. It does NOT get you a camping spot at Hungry Mother. You must make your own reservation or make arrangements to share with someone else.

Tidewater Knuckledraggers Dragon Ride May 18-21.
Riding motorcycles on The Back of the Dragon (rt16 south of Tazewell, VA), The Tail of the Dragon (rt129, Deals Gap, NC), and Cherahola Skyway (rt 143, Robbinsville, NC)

NOTE: This is NOT a trip for beginner motorcyclists or fearful drivers. We will be slaying DRAGONS and riding rollercoaster-style roads. There will be steep hills and myriad switchbacks. The roads will most likely be crowded. This is not the time to figure out that your panic braking/cornering skills are insufficient. (Ahem... Pen gets off his soapbox)

Two options:

  1. Back, Tail, and Skyway:
    Leave Tidewater area Thursday morning and ride the Back of the Dragon in Tazewell. Camp at Hungry Mother State park. Meet the 2nd Option folks at the Tail of the Dragon on Friday. Ride the Tail and Cherahola Skyway early Saturday morning. Return to Tidewater on Sunday.

  2. Tail and Skyway only: Leave Tidewater area Friday and meet the 1st Option folks. Ride the Tail and Cherahola Skyway. Return to Tidewater on Sunday.

We can add a third option if folks want to ride and meet with us at Deals Gap, NC, or Tazewell, VA.

This is primarily a motorcycle riding weekend, but you can also drive a car. You will be in the rear, with the gear, hauling beer and stuff that won't fit on the bikes.

This will be an exciting weekend on the roads, and a relaxing time at the campsite. Be a sober operator, or stay at camp. Tomfoolery is acceptable, but jackassery and drunkenness will not be tolerated. MM reserves the right to toss you in the creek, or ask you to leave.

-THURSDAY NIGHT ONLY-You need to make your own reservation at Hungry Mother State Park/coordinate with other campers to share a campsite.
SP info

Hungry Mom SP reservations (Pen Island has #1 site reserved in the Royal Oak section which is tent-only/no power. There are other sites with power, and cabins available)

-Friday through Sunday: The Simple Life Campground
Your $35 rego gets you a spot in the campsite, Picnic Table
Fire pit and/or park grill, Bathhouse (Hot/Clean Showers), Fresh Spring water, WiFi, Firewood Available, Quiet on leash pets welcome. Food will not be provided, so bring your own to cook on the grill.

Payment via Paypal:
Please pay the $35 to Gave Educator Dick using
last 4 of my cell is 1205

All the gear you need to camp/hotel. Riding gear, if applicable, since asphalt and trees are unforgiving. Rain gear- we ride rain or shine.

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

-5:45 AM Gather
-6:15 AM: Depart Suffolk just after the crack of dawn
-Ride to The Back of the Dragon Brewery, Tazewell VA
Have money ready for 2 wheeled muggle Haberdashery
-Ride The Back of the Dragon/Rt 16
-Arrive at Hungry Mother State Park
-Set-up camp

Option 1:
-5 AM Make your own breakfast, and breakdown camp
-6:15 AM Depart Hungry Mother State Park
-Ride to The Simple Life Campground
-Set-up camp.
-Jump in the creek and drink a brew

Option 2:
-5:45 AM Gather
-6:15 AM Depart Suffolk, VA at the buttcrack of dawn.
-Ride to The Simple Life Campground
-Set-up camp.
-Bring creekdwellers another brew

-5 AM Make your own breakfast and prepare Dragon Slaying Equipment
-6:15 AM Depart The Simple Life Campground
-Ride to The Tail of the Dragon Souvenir Store to top off fuel and refill gedunk, etc (snacks/stickers/patches/pins)
-Ride The Tail of the Dragon
-Ride the Cherahola Skyway
-Ride back to The Simple Life Campground
-Search for creek beers

-Break camp at asscrack of dawn
-Head home
-Leave bike in garage and search for fridge beers

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