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The Wild Hunt 2018

10/19 03:00 PM to 10/21 11:00 AM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $59

Fenrir H3's Fall Event- The Wild Hunt.
The Vikings would approve as we celebrate the Great Hunt with beer, great food, and debauchery.

Friday- 3pm, rego opens, beer and wine flows
Friday dinner- pizza
Friday night- shooting star trail, tippy cup, drinking
Saturday breakfast- eggs, bacon, pancakes, and grits
Saturday morning- people's personal patch challenges
Saturday Lunch- subs
Saturday afternoon- Viking games (3man, Tippy Cup, and beer pong)
Saturday dinner, Beer Brats and chicken breasts, hot German potato salad, beer
Saturday Night- night trail and drinking
Sunday morning- cold breakfast and leftovers

Regoes not paid by 28 September will be deleted- last day for a refund is 30 September- no buying or selling/transferring of regoes by individuals

No Drama, no fireworks, no confetti, no dogs- if you don't behave- you will be told to leave and banned from all future events- not joking

Those who are banned- if you rego, your rego will be removed- includes those banned at NCSC, and those who regoed, didnt pay and didnt cancel your rego, or canceled the rego after asking for extension (many thanks for those who did this- cost me personally $42 per person)

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81 Hashers came:

2 Fast 2 Anal

Bender Hash House Harriers

Ankles for Earrings

Richmond H3

Clean Clam

cHARLOTtesville H3
I'm not here to fuck. ...


POHO Hash House Harriers

Cream of Somyungai

Middle GA H4
So Creamy!

DEATH By Snu-Snu

Wondering Mountain Trash

Dick Snail

$20 Sombrero

Eight Minutes Down Under

Carolina Larrikins H3

Flabs Not Abs

Whitehouse H3/DC Road Whores

Foot Fetish

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers

Gin Comes Out Yellow

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)
( ಠ_ರೃ)

Hearse So Good

Savannah Hash House Harriers


Cape Fear H3

I'll give you somethin to taco bout

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers

In Vino Vulvitas

Old Frederick Hash House Harriers

Indiana Combover

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers

Kids Ride Free

Sir Walters H3

Lifeless Tongue

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Nocturnal Mission

Ft Eustis
Hash Flash!

Oink N Boink

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers


Downtown Wilmingon H3
You're Welcome

Oral Pleaser Titty Squeezer

Asheville Hash House Harriers

Please F*ck Me

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Please Use Condoms (PÜC)

Love Peace and Happiness H3
Great times

Prostate Rights

Scotch H3

Put it in the hole

Travel Hasher

Rosie Rivets Herself

Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers
Stay weird.

Senior Sodomizing Slut

Another DC Road Whore

Should Of Swallowed For An A (SOS)

Seven Hills Hash House Harriers

Swamp Gravy

Pouring gravy all up a...

Tesla Twat

Richmond H3

2 white women and a bunch of Rope


Amythest Sadler


Anchor Spanker




Blacktating Hermondo


Cashew outside how bout dat

(Carolina trash)

Charlie's Anal Hear Me Roar


Cloak and Gag Her


Dick Flick




Dungeons and Faggons


Electric discharge

(Carolina Trash Ha...)

Family Guy








Hershey Squirt


Jaws Fisteen


Just Julia


Just Teressa

(No )

Lick Stick


Masterbaten’ Cunts


Minute to Win It


Miss Charlotte


Motherfucker sister snuggler


No Slip Grip


Oral Spice






Picnic Puss


Pinky and the TrainBang


Pocket Pussy Pounder


Poop! There It Is


R U Cumming or Shitting?


Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your Pubes

(Seven Hills Hash ...)

Redwood Deadwood


Senior Sodomizing Slut +1


Sewer Sucker


Shock My Monkey


Son of a Swinger Man




Sweet Pumpin Pie


TexAss Facial


Trail of Snail


Tumble Cry


Up the Butt Buttercup


What The Cat Dragged In


When I drop the d I scream like a b


Yellow Summer Stream