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Gave Educator Dick


What? Your a teacher for an A I’ll fuck ya!

TH3 Presents The Dan Towel White Dress Run 2023

06/10 01:00 PM

A Dress Run and Wedding event hosted by TH3

Cost: Free/Pay as you go*


LT Dan and Brown Chicken Brown Towel


Cum one Cum All to the gathering of these two Clans. LT Dan said yes to Brown Towel. Cum celebrate as these two wanks give up their little black books, give back all of the keys to the other wankers houses they have been visiting late at night, and say fair well or fuck off to all of their side piece booty calls. They will only have eyes for each other!!! This hash wedding will have a real ceremony with real and meaningful vows, and LT Dan may even toss her bouquet in a crowd of Harriets and wankers. They will be serving Cock and Wedding cake but make sure that you cum early cause the Cock will go fast, and you'll only be left with the cake. In true wedding tradition, the pack would normally throw rice after they smoochie smoochie at the alter, but for this day; the hares will be throwing rice on trail, so we're going to toss empty beer cans at the newly married couple. Hash Cash will be $5 at the start and $15 if you want a White Dress Shooting Star Patch. All bar stops will be pay-as-you-go; only the hares will know where we will stop.

Hash White Wedding

White Dress, Bug Spray, Tecnu, dry bag full of stuff, condoms, a wedding gift!!

Location Details

Parking Lot next to the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health

4456 Corporation Ln Virginia Beach, VA 23462 United States

Hash Wedding Reception at Tail Gates

344 Constitution Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23462 United States

Schedule of Events

Gather at 1:00 pm
Circle up at 1:30 pm
Hares away at 1:40 ish
Pack away 12 minutes after the hare leave or so.
The wedding will be on trail somewhere, and it will be officiated by one the Godliest wankers that I know. Wanna know who that is? Well, cum and find out.
GTFO will be when Brown Towel is ready to consummate his new marriage.

Public Event

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