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What? Your a teacher for an A I’ll fuck ya!

TH3 The Dinning In 2024

11/15 04:00 PM to 11/17 11:00 AM

A TH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $135*



Join us for the 1st Anal Military Appreciation and Tidewater Hash House Dining In weekend!!

It is very important that you fill out all questions on the rego page. Failure to do so will result in a Formal (DRB) Disciplinary Review Board and possible restriction during the event, and you will miss out on certain activities during the event.

What is a dining-in, you ask?

A Dining-In is a formal dinner given by members of an organization (usually military, but in this case, the Tidewater Hash). It may honor an individual or unit or is simply a pleasant way for members to get better acquainted. The term Dining-In derives from a Viking tradition of celebrating great battles and feats of heroes by formal ceremony. This tradition has spread from the monasteries and early day universities and then to the military. Formal military or civilian attire is worn by all in attendance. But this one will have a hashy twist. Curious cum and find out, Military and Civilian are welcum.

  • Friday Night - Full Moon Trail

  • Saturday Morning - Command PT (Shiggy trail & Obstacle Course)

  • Saturday Afternoon - Hab fair and Hash mixer

  • Saturday Evening - A Hashy Dining In (Wear something to represent your military service with some hashy flair! - kilts & bowties authorized)

  • Saturday (even later) - Shooting Star trail

  • Sunday Fat Boi and FEP at 1000

What do you get:
- Cool-ass gimmes could be your very own Hash Dog Tags
- Beer!
- Great fun with half-minded hashers
- More beer!!
- Shiggy trails (Command PT)
- Even more beer!!!

What you need:
- GET A ROOM: It is highly recommended that you get a room. This event is happening rain, snow, or shine. You must be 21 to attend.
- Changes of Clothes to include a portion of your Military Uniform or the whole damb thing
- Positive attitude and a thirst for beer
- War stories

- TDY Event Cost $135 (Price Increase to $145 on Sep 1, $150 after 1 November)

  • Paypal: th3onon@gmail.com

Paid regos are great regos! You are not fully regoed until you are fully paid! We will add you to the Facebook Event Page after you rego for more details and any questions you may have!
Military Appreciation & Dining In
(Wear something to represent your military service with some hashy flair! - kilts & bowties authorized)

Stuff to Bring:
- Changes of Clothes
- Positive attitude and a thirst for beer
- War stories

- No hasher, banned or not, will be allowed in for issues regarding failure to have consent.
- This is a hotel event. Don't destroy the place. Treat the staff kindly. We'd like to come back next year.

Military Appreciation and Dinning In

Hashing attire, for Full Moon trail and Saturdays trails. Military Dress Uniform (with a hash twist if you like), Black tie or Evening Gown for all others

Location Details

4453 Bonney Road Va Beach Va

Crown Plaza Va Beach Town Center

Crown Plaza Va Beach Town Center

Make a Reservation

A credit card is required for booking; all rooms are the responsibility of each wanker.

4453 Bonney Road Va Beach Va

Schedule of Events

Muster at 1600 and get TDY Orders stamped; this will be check-in. Location: TBA in your orders.
Muster and Form up in ranks for Full Moon Trail at 1800.
Hares away at 1830.
Beer and Chow will be served on trail.

1000 - Muster for Command Shiggy PT Trail (eagle/obstacle course run/walk, crawl, climb, swim). Chow and Beer will be provided on the trail.
1600 – Muster for Mixer and Hab fair
1800 – Muster for Dining-in Formal. Attire – Militarish hash appropriate. Black tie, kilts authorized.
2100 - Request Chits for participation in the Final punishment must be submitted NLT 2130. The final punishment will earn a patch
2200 – Entertainment/DJ
0000 – Muster for Shooting Star trail and head and barracks inspection!

0630-1000 Hotel Breakfast
1000 Muster for FAT BOI (fitness enhancement program) PT
1030 Hares away
1100 Resume to Normal Life duties after FEP, you must submit a critique sheet of the event and get your orders stamped out from this TDY.

Public Event

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