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TH3 Halloweenie Chicken Chase (Pub Crawl) 2018

10/27 06:30 PM

A TH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $5


Here’s how it works:
We meet at MacArthur Square Train Station and everyone pays $5.00 in hash cash. We roll a 20 sided dice, lowest number gets to carry the rubber chicken. He/she will carry chicken with them and head out to Down Town Norfolk for an adventure… and they’re taking all the money from the pot with them!
The chicken will go to any bar of their choosing in Down Town Norfolk and proceed to drink with everyone’s money. After a 15 minute head start, the pack will break up into teams no more than 15 and attempt to find the chicken. The chicken may not bar hop (must stay in one location) and if caught, the team who finds the chicken may join in the drinking with whatever money is left in the pot. BUT, each time a team enters a bar to look for the chicken, they must stay for a drink before moving on to the next bar. This is a pay as you go pub crawl, however Tidewater H3 will provide one beer check

A couple of rules (yes there are rules):
1. The chicken must be displayed at all times
2. The chicken must stay within Down Town Norfolk RADIUS and specifically in a bar.
3. The hare will be given more details as to the radius in which they can travel, and they will be able to go to a bar of their choosing within said radius.
4. This will be a facebook event where the team posts when they find the hare with the chicken, so make sure to bring technology on trail and be on the event page.
5. When a team enters a bar everyone on the team must consume a full beer, glass of wine, or a mixed drink… shots are discouraged and splitting a drink among the team is not allowed. Designated drivers are exempt of course.
6. Participants must ENTER the bar to check for the chicken. No cheating. What counts as cheating? Asking people outside the bar if there is a chicken inside. Lingering outside the bar and trying to peek in the windows. Asking random people if they saw someone with a chicken pass by. You get it.
7. No you cannot volunteer to be the chicken. Everyone wants to be the chicken, that’s the point.

8. When money runs out, pub crawl is over… but you can continue the night with all your friends till you’re done.
9. Utilize UBER/LIFT/ CABS as you see fit, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE

1. $5 Hash Cash
2. Phone
3. Identification
4. Card/Cash – food IS NOT provided, so you will probably want to purchase food at some point
5. Costume of choice

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MacArthur Square Train Station

MacArthur Square Train Station

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