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Regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid.

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Gave Educator Dick


What? Your a teacher for an A I’ll fuck ya!

TH3 Dead Elvis 15

08/12 01:00 PM

A TH3 Trail

Cost: $15*


Menage, Cavity Search, and Someone with Boobies


TH3 presents Dead Elvis 15. Closing Circle will be at the Eagles Nest, and the hash will provide beer and food.

Please Venmo Freebie @Terry-Koob for rego payment and prepayment for Special Shirts and Patches if you want them. We will take your rego payment at the door; extra shirts and patches will not be available at the door, so preorder.

Dead Elvis

Dry bag with a change of every, its Dead Elvis. Technu, Off, Sunscreen, Vessel, maybe a Cranium Lite.

Location Details

36.79243° N, 76.23893° W

Shopping Center Nearest the Taco Bell

Eagles Nest Rockin Country Bar

1723 Parkview Dr Chesapeake, VA 23320

Schedule of Events

Gather at 1:00 pm
Hares away at 2:00 pm

Public Event

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Gave Educator Dick

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