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TH3 Dead Elvis #12 2020

08/15 01:30 PM

A Dead Elvis #12 event hosted by TH3

Cost: $10*


Elvis may be DEAD, but we’re still alive, so let’s celebrate at Dead Elvis 2020 with the Stay at Home Hash trail! This will be a shiggy A-A trail, expect some water (hey it's Menage haring, what would you expect!) There will be a Chicken/Eagle trail options as well.

$10 - until 8/8
$15 - day of event

There is an option for a add-on Unique Dead Elvis Covid edition t-shirt available for pre-order. Last day to order a shirt will be August 1, no extras will be ordered.

Things to bring:
- Cash for hab
- Change of Clothes
- Life preserver if have difficulty with water
- Vessel
- Shiggy socks
- Dry bag
- Clean up water & SOAP
- Bug Spray!! Ticks are out!!
- Appetite for trail
- A song or two
- Chair for after trail
- Swimsuit if like for after trail
- Towel

Dead Elvis

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