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TH3 24 Hour Hash 2023

05/28 01:00 PM to 05/29 01:00 PM

A 4th Anal 24 Hour Hash event hosted by TH3

Cost: $50


12 Different Wankers


4th running of the dumbest idea the hash ever had. This hash includes 12 trails, 12 hares, 12 beer checks, and 12 down-downs in 24 hours.
1st and foremost, Safety will be 3rd; however, if you think you're going to die, tap out. We will have drivers ready if you need a ride to your car, ER or the Morgue.
What you need to know before this event.
On a serious note: We want everybody to have fun and not get hurt or die, so please read the below!!
1) Start at Harbor Park in Norfolk (potential start location; this could change). Gathering, 1230 for check-in; circle at 1 PM. Park at start, or Uber to Harbor Park. Check-In with GED and Butt Lite.
2) What to bring: As a 24-hour hash Veteran, listen to what I say.
Vessel, or camel pack, failure to Hydrate will kill you during this event. There will be water at every stop, so have something to carry it. Tidewater weather could be cold and rainy to hot and sunny in a snap of a finger, so be ready!
SUNSCREEN!!!!!! The tidewater sun will cook dat ass; please use sunscreen whether you're a regular sunscreen user or not.
Multiple pairs Comfy shoes, at least 2 pairs you’ll need to switch out every trail. Failing to change your shoes every time will result in blisters, even if you don’t feel sweaty feet. At an extreme minimum, I would suggest changing your shoe's insole if multiple pairs of shoes are not an option. Don’t be the wank who gets a blister on a blister you won’t walk right for a few days.
12 pairs of socks.. Change your socks at the end of every trail. Make it your priority to get out of your sock and shoes ASAP once you get to each finish. Go barefoot, walk in some grass and let your feet breathe and relax; if you have recovery slides, I would strongly recommend wearing those at circle and putting fresh socks and shoes on just before the pack gets underway for each trail.
Change of clothes There could be shiggy if you decide to hash smarter than harder. You may stink smell like a fresh bag of ass. Changing your clothes at some point through this event could give you unfound BDE and it may raise your spirits and the wankers who are stuck standing next to you in circle will thank you. Don’t get a new DC Road Whore name like “Stanky Wanky” or a “Bag of Ass!!”
Dry Bag The hash vehicle will have a box trailer, and the shit I am recommending to bring will be safe while you're on trail. This vehicle will also be at every beer stop and every start and finish. Pack your shit into a small enough bag to fit your stuff. Label it with your name so that it can be found by someone else if needed.
Technology Bring your Cell phone with you, whether in person or in your dry bag. If you think that you may not make it to the next finish call us and we’ll cum pick you up. The hash trailer will have provisions for charging. So bring a charging cable in case we don’t have your type.
CUM HYDRATED AND READY FOR A HARD AF EVENT !!! *Eat right beforehand; don’t start to hydrate at start.
1st Aid items.
Band-aids, pain relievers, whips to clean up with or to wipe dat ass if you're shitting in a field, I had great success with new skin, aloe gel, and toe wraps for blisters.

3) We ask the pack to stay together as much as possible once that fourth to fifth trail fatigue starts to set in; you’ll know why I’m suggesting this. Use each other to motivate; this way, you can see that wank that may need to tap out. Our intent is to cater to walkers and runners; we want to see all YFFs complete our shit show.
4) Start locations for each trail have been identified, and only the hare raiser and I know all the start and stop locations. Hares will only be told where they’re starting and stopping. Posts will be made on the TH3 Facebook/24-hour hash event page the pack will know where they're going if they get lost. So bring your tech.
5) FOOD!!! All you wanks will need energy; a hasher can’t run on Beer and Sex alone. Energy cums from food!!! Samwiches, snacks, fruit and eggs will be available. Let us know if you have a food allergy or have an issue with certain foods. Have a form of money; every stop will have a gas station or food place nearby.
6) Crash space. Driving after this is stupid. Out-of-towners ask beforehand, get a hotel. Driving tired AF is not a good idea so be prepared and be ready for the conclusion of this great shit show. We have a lot of local tidewater hashers and we will help find someplace to crash once the event is over. Please do not drive exhausted!
7) Bathrooms. Most trails will have bathrooms available at start, during and at circle, so this won’t be a major issue, however don’t pass up a clean shitter for a tree behind a building.
Most importantly!! Have fun, live to talk about how you survived this event! Misman will be on all trails, either as part of the pack or in the Hash vehicle; reach out if anything that cums up and we'll help keep things running smooth.

12 Hashes in 24 hours.

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