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TCH3 # 397 - Hash Olympdicks 2018

03/03 03:00 PM

A TCH3 Other Event

Cost: $10


2 Finger DisCunt

TCH3 #397 will make you proud to be an American and to live in a country where you have the opportunity to go for the gold or blue ribbon, depending on your point of view. Gold-en nectar known as Beer or Blue as in Pabst Blue Ribbon. Either way, we will all be winners at the first ever TCH3 Hash Olympdicks.

Join us at Halpatiokee Park, conveniently located right off of I-95 and Kanner Hwy. So easy to get to, there are no excuses not to show up and compete your hasher hearts out.

Declare your own cuntry of origin, and recruit other to cumpete under your flag. Individuals earn points for themselves and their team for all events they participate in. The major events will be as follows: Beer Mile Relay, Olympdick soccer challenge and Hash Marathon trail. There will also be other events declared on the day that the competition commences.

Rego is $10.00. To order a kick-ass t-shirt, add another $10.00. so totally worth it. Deadline for shirts will be Friday, February 21st..

Got questions? Send them to Shack at pgakids2001@gmail.com or post through the event posting on FB.

On On for the thrill of victory.

Whore Shack ~ Assistant to the Supreme Ruler of "Jersey Shackistan" and
Jersey ~ Supreme Ruler of "Jersey Shackistan"

Hash Olympdicks

Start Location Details

Halpatiokee Park - Stuart Florida

8303 SW Lost River Road Stuart, Florida 34997

Public Event

7 Hashers came:

2 Finger DisCunt


2 Pump




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