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TCH3 4th Anal Hallowtoberfest de los Muertos 2018

10/19 12:18 PM to 10/21 12:20 PM

A TCH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $15

Who: Limited to the first 40 paid hashers. Please RSVP and pay your 15 dollars to be part of this fun filled weekend.

How: Step 1. RSVP on Hashspace.com. Step 2. Venmo 15.00$ to Joshuahunterdavis (https://venmo.com). Once you are confirmed paid you will be added to the Who's Cumming list. Space is limited, so don't forget to pay asap.

Location: Allapattah Flats Trail 6 campground. It is the unnamed drive on the north side of Martin Hwy between Allapattah Rd and SW Long Dr. Use these coordinates 27.161811, -80.440472. Once there, enter the gates and drive towards the back of the property. Its about a 2 mile drive and there are cows. You can also enter this link https://goo.gl/maps/Cm7TaXbXypn
THE GATE CODE IS 2200. If its not working you are probably using the wrong combo lock, try the other one.

Theme: Hash Super Heroes. Use your imaginations.

Cost: Friday $5.00 (not included in rego price), Saturday Beer Mile is BYOB and $0.00, Saturday Night $15.00

Schedule of Events: Friday is a late start shiggy trail on the campsite property followed by a potluck style Shooting Star Trail (a Shooting Star Trail is a walk around the campsite in which awesome volunteers bring their own boozy and or delicious concontions to graciously share with the group. Volunteers can bring either a sharable snack and or adult beverage. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer because that makes it more fun!)

Saturday midday- BEER MILE (byob and remember 5% or higher to be eligible)

Saturday Evening-Costume Contest (Hash Superhero theme)

Saturday Sundown- Zombie Trail (reverse hash rules, the hares will try to catch you).

Furthermore, throughout the whole weekend there will be ongoing Stump competitions.

What We Provide: There will be a "camp" shower. Beer, trail, and orange food on Friday night. Liquor, beer, orange food and trail Saturday night. Prizes.

What to Bring: Costume. Food, beer or liquor to have in between events. Water to drink. Water to use for bathing. Please bring enough food to take care of yourself over the weekend. Ice. Cooler. Chair. Bug spray. Sun screen. Shiggy clothes. Tent and camping equipment. Flashlights. Vessel. Non-disposable utentsils and dinneware to cut down on camp waste.

Notes: The campsite is public, but as far as we know, we have reserved the entire place to ourselves for the weekend and certainly in the evenings. Due to the public nature, we may postpone some naughtiness until sunset. The campsite truly is beautiful, but it is primitive, so there is no running water or electricity. There is a potty on site and we will have some sort of way for you all to shower, but you will need to bring water for yourself. Any kind of silent generator can be brought on site, but we cannot have gas powered ones. We want to avoid anyone bringing pets overnight, if thats an issue please speak with Rimbrandt or Whoreshack before registering. There will be a gate code to enter the property which will be posted as the event gets closer.

Hash Super Heroes

Start Location Details

The unnamed drive on the north side of Martin Hwy between Allapattah Rd and SW Long Dr. Use these coordinates 27.161811, -80.440472. Once there, enter the gates and drive towards the back of the property. Or use this link https://goo.gl/maps/Cm7TaXbXypn

27.161811, -80.440472

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