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TAHHH Tornado Alley H3 Campout 2020

09/11 03:00 PM to 09/13 11:00 AM

A TAHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $77

Once again TAH3 is invading Kanopolis Lake for our campout weekend. All 5 of the cabins in the Little Bluestem Loop have been rented by hashers. There is plenty of space around the cabins for tents but space is first-cum, first-served. There are camping spots down the road a bit that can be reserved if you'd like to set your tent up a bit farther away from the action. In order to reserve one of those, you'll need to visit Reserve America to choose a site in the Yucca loop. Everyone will also have to pay a parking fee when you arrive. The Ranger will harass us relentlessly if you don't pay shortly after arriving so do us all a favor and pay it shortly after setting up your space. This is also the same weekend as the Horsethief Canyon 10K Trail Run which is a separate registration if you choose to do this r*n. Details will be posted here as soon as they are available.

So, what does your $77 get you? It gets you 69 + 8 more!!! But seriously you'll get meals Friday evening through Sunday morning, 4 trails, kick-ass swag, morning mimosas/Bloody Marys, trail beer, bottled water and great memories.

Notable Mentions:
--NO dogs
--Hab at Bat Masterson: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM Knock and wait, this is not hashpitality.
--Hashpitality is in the Bill Doolin cabin. Hours: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM
--The check-in tent will be at the start of the Little Bluestem road.
--Check-in tent will be moved behind haspitality cabin and will serve as a common spot for circle and meals.

Check-in: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Dinner: 6:00 PM
Welcum trail: 7:00 PM (Shart and CIA)

7:00 AM: Breakfast
8:00 AM: Race-ists go to race site
9:00 AM: Race trail (PeeQuad)
9:15 AM: Non-race-ists go to race finish to set up brunch
10:00 AM – 12:30 PM: Brunch/Racist circle and return to Camp TAH3
1:00 PM - Lunch
3:00 PM: Trail (BW, Fisty and MNM)
7:00 PM - Dinner
Sunset - Get funky w/Sir Dip's Dusk 'til Disco Power Hour
Later - Tiger King trail (3Ds)

7:00 AM – 9:30 AM: Eat all the leftovers!
10:00 AM: Fuck-off trail (NBA)

Saturday will have a Disco Power Hour and a "midnight" Tiger King trail

General camping gear including tent, bedding, LOTS of sunscreen and bug spray, a hat (ticks are everywhere), water, snacks, weather appropriate clothing, swimming suit(s) and something inflatable for floating + water shoes if you want to get in the lake. But this is also a hash event so bring a vessel, hash appropriate attire, your whistle, kennel swag to sell (if you have it) and anything else you'd normally bring to a hash event.

Start Location Details

Kanopolis State Park - Little Bluestem Area

Start Location TBA

Public Event

19 Hashers cumming:

Butthole Whisperer

Tornado Alley H3

Caught In Action

Tornado Alley H3

Dead Doggy Dicks

Tornado Alley H3

DewDrops and PoppyCocks

Springfield Hash House Harriers

Postpartum Pitt Pisser

Tornado Alley H3

RU Choking Dirty Bitch

Tornado Alley H3

Shart Attack

Tornado Alley H3
Shart Attack

Sticky Facial

Springfield Hash House Harriers

Two in the Stink Gummin the Pink

Tornado Alley H3

Two Wall Bangers

Kansas City H3

Fist & Shout


Lick Van Fecal

(Kansas City H3)

Mount N Ma’am








Oops I Squirtled Again

(Tornado Alley H3)

Red Cock Rising


Son Bathe Her