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Regos for this event are not guaranteed until they are paid.

TAHHH TAH3-2022-Campout 2022

09/09 03:00 PM to 09/11 12:00 PM

A TAHHH Hash Campout

Cost: $77

This is a "Save the Date" option for now, more details will be added closer to May when rego opens. If you've never done this camp out, we HOPE that hashers rent out all the cabins on the Little Bluestem Loop and utilize the free camping around those cabins for tent campers. There is also a trail race on Saturday morning that some of the hashers participate in and the rest of the wankers wait at the finish line with booze and food for the race-ists.

So what does $77 rego get you?? Food, beer, and water for the weekend. Plus swag, a minimum of 4 trails, and a hell of a fun time.

If you want to rent a cabin, follow this link.

The Horsetheif Canyon Trail run registration is open. This race registration is COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the hash rego cost. If you'd like to run this trail run, follow this link.


Camping gear (unless you're in a cabin, vessel, snacks, sunscreen, bug spray, swimming suit, hashing cloths

Start Location Details

Kanopolis State Park - Little Bluestem Area

Start Location TBA

Public Event

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Tornado Alley H3

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Tornado Alley H3