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T3H3 Pink Dress Run

10/16 01:00 PM

A Trail

Cost: $40


Pretty Peggin Princess


Circle at 1 pm
Pack off by 1:30 pm
Hare: PPP

Twin Titties has run a Pink Dress run since its inception following in the Red Dress tradition to raise funds for a good cause. Our Charity of choice is the Firefly Sisterhood.

Join us for a full weekend of fun!
Thursday 10-14: T3H3 Oktoberfest themed Trail
Friday 10-15: T3H3 Pre-Lube Drinking Practice - Irish theme!
Saturday Morning: Optional Como Zoo excursion
Saturday Noon: Check-in, Trail and Food
Saturday Night: On-After Drinking Practice (@Half Time Rec)
Sunday 10-17: 9am Hangover brunch (@Gabe's By The Park)
Sunday Afternoon MH3 Hangover Trail (3pm)

Be Prepared to Dress warmly.

All participants are requested to fill out this form:

Pink Dress Run

Location Details

Como Park Picnic Pavilions (West across the street)

1199 Midway Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55103

Half Time Rec

1013 Front Ave, St Paul, MN 55103

Quality Inn St. Paul-Minneapolis-Midway

Make a Reservation

1964 University Ave West, Saint Paul, MN 55104 US

Public Event

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26 Hashers came


Prick Her Bush


Hand Job


Circle Jerk

Minneapolis H3
Get Leid!



Laura Ingalls Girls Gone Wilder

(Twin Titties H3)

Chicken of the Semen


Kittie Tittie Gang Bang


Faster Funnier Fluffer

Minneapolis H3



REO Speedwhacker


Mr ed


Spread Legal




Toaster Tongs

Twin Titties Thirstday H3

Fire in the Ho


Pretty Peggin Princess

Twin Titties Thirstday H3

Itty Bitty Gaybait


Numb Nuts

Twin Titties Thirstday H3

Anal Burrs


Cum Chowder

Minneapolis H3

Balls in the Hole


Beef Drapes


Portland Dicks are Bigger


Beaver careful


Ms Ed

(T3H3 )

Just Cheryl