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Camo Sutra


Today I shall be witty, charming, and elegant...or just say 'um' a lot and trip over things.

Keep your Pants OnOn Campout Weekend 2024

05/04 11:00 AM to 05/05 03:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $30*


Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, Chix Won’t Stick, Camo Sutra

KeepYourPants OnOn BAH3 Campout
Jug Bay Natural Area
May 4th and 5th

We have rented the Jug Bay pavilion area and the associated facilities for a weekend. Everyone is invited to this BYOE affair. This means Bring Your Own Everything (food, beer, supplies, pants, etc). The kennel will provide a keg of beer, orange food after trails, and charcoal for the community grill.

How much you ask for this premier event? $30 gets you two trails and all the beer and fun you can consume!

Sadly, we couldn’t reserve the entire wetland sanctuary, so muggles will be abundant.

At this event, we’re gonna be prudes,
not that we don’t love your nudes!
If you think you’re special and decide to go bare,
we’ll kick your ass out of this affair.
We’ll be drinking and going for a run,
cuz that’s what beatch 3 does for fun

You will need to go to PayPal and send the money directly.
PayPal: todd@pearsall.us
Use the Friends & Family option

~~OPTIONAL SHIRT~~ If you would like a mystery designer cotton blend $12 souvenir T-shirt to commemorate this awesome campout experience, please check the size box. Please don’t send the shirt money now. Payment will be due at time of event. Must be ordered by April 12th

If you can’t join us for the entire weekend, don’t fret! The Sunday trail will be open to all as our regularly scheduled weekly hash.

-Jug Bay quiet hours are 10pm-sunrise
-No Fireworks
-RV parking is not available
-Clothing required at all times
-This is intended to be chill weekend. If you’re looking for a more typical hash weekend go to Stinko instead

Start Location Details

Patuxent River Park - Pavilion and Camp Ground

Q72R+F2 Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Public Event

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