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SoPiH3 Red Dress R*n 2021

04/24 02:00 PM

A Red Dress event hosted by SoPiH3

Cost: $50

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Cum one, cum all(over) to experience your favorite Little-Kennel-That-Could's inaugural Red Dress R*n!
On April 24th, join SoPiH3 as we tuck, stuff, slip and wiggle ourselves into our favorite trail-friendly dresses and shake our money makers in the faces of all the confused muggles we can find. You know it's all for a good cause, and SoPi has chosen to benefit the Children of Fallen Heroes Organization www.childrenoffallenheroes.org
A simple $50 rego 1: gives a donation to the charity 2: gets you a cool little surprise from your host kennel and 3: BUYS YOU BEER!!
There will be shenanigans, there will be shake ups, and there will be shiggy, so don't wear anything you don't want to mess up.
Our RDR also happens to follow a regularly scheduled SoPi Friday trail for those so inclined to make a weekend of it and get the full SoPi experience.
On behalf of MM, and all of SoPiH3, we hope to see as many of you wanks as can make it!

Start Location Details

Parking at the Abandoned Grocery Store across from Sly Fox

795 SW Broad Street, Southern Pines, NC

Public Event

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