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SNOH3 Swill Team Six Trail

05/19 02:00 PM

A SNOH3 Trail

Cost: $6





Attention to all Swill Team Six Members and Hashers!

Cc: Shuttlecock, Admiral, Swill Team Six; Master Chief LiarLiar

Lt. Rufus, Swill Team Six is hosting and haring a Swill Team Six Trail! As Snowblinder’s H3 GM, I am inviting all virgins, hashers, harriers and harriets to join us for the fun!

The Snowblinder’s H3, SNOH3, is in the Northern NY area, north of Syracuse, but can reach the surrounding areas.


Lt. Random Fucked Up Shit, Rufus


The following are the rules of engagement and standard operating procedures for any and all Swill Team 6 missions as directed by SW6 Admiral Shuttlecock.
Revision 1.2 (section: Mission Standards 3,4)
Swill Team 6 Operative Requirements
Selectee must complete the requirements listed below to become a fully inducted operative of SW6
1. On a Swill Team 6 Mission (a pre designated trail) the Selectee Must complete the entire trail. “Zenning or Booze hounding” is not authorized.
2. During the Swill Team mission, the selectee must carry a six pack of standard 12oz beer cans. The Beer may be of the Selectee’s choice, and must be beer. Cider and similar beverages are not authorized.
3. At six designated check points throughout the mission, the selectee will stop and shotgun a beer. (One of the six being carried) shot gunning must and will be done at designated checkpoints only, and must be completed before the selectee may continue.
4. The Mission (trail) must be completed at a runners pace. Walking the entire trail is not authorized.
5. Hashers not trashers, Empty shotgun vessels will not be left on trial and will be carried back as proof of completion.

Promotion standards
1. Upon completion of the Operative Requirements, Selectees will officially be a member of SW6 and will earn the rank of Seaman First Class.
2. For all Booze Hound that complete the Operative Requirements, these members will earn the rank of Petty Officer. Members who are Non Booze Hounds will receive this promotion after completing Booze Hound.
3. To earn a promotion after being inducted in to the SW6, members must perform a task that is Swill Team worthy.
Hare a trail while completing the Operative Requirements
Complete Operative Requirements with 24oz “tallboy or Danger Cans”

  1. Promotions will be determined by the senior member or members of Swill Team 6, and promotion rank will vary depending on the level of Swill Team intensity of the task.

  2. Lastly any member or selectee who snares the hare while said person is performing the Operative Requirements will earn the title of “Swill Team Terrorist”
    a. Swill Team Terrorist will be stripped of any previous rank.
    b. Terrorist will also no long be authorized to wear the Swill Team bronze eagle patch, instead replace with a Red Eagle
    Mission standards
    The following must be met in order to be an approved mission

  3. One member of SW6 must be a participant of the mission. (exception, if no SW6 member is present the mission must be approved by senior member of SW6)

  4. If the Hare is not a SW6 member, they must be properly brief on mission procedures. (I.E. proper location for Shotgun checks, etc.)

  5. To count as an official SW6 Mission, the hare must complete the SW6 Operative requirements, even if the hare already an inducted member of SW6.

  6. When Hare is completing the SW6 Operative requirements, the hare must follow all requirements. No exception will be made, especially requirement #3.

  7. It is highly recommend but not required, if the Hare is completing the Operative requirement that they have a Co-Hare.

  8. Lastly, Swill Team 6 is an independent entity, and in not part of any single hash. Similar to the “Wild Rover” tradition, SW6 Operatives may be members of any kennel worldwide. And missions may be on any trail that any kennel is willing to host.

Swill Team Six Trail, 6 beers, 6 stops, 1 Swill Ass Patch

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