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SNOH3 Lake Flacid Winter Olympdicks!! 2019

03/01 02:15 PM to 03/03 03:00 PM

A SNOH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $89

With winter on its way in a few short months, the North Country is preparing for what will be the greatest festivity in Winter Hashdom! The time is coming for the Inaugural Snowblinder’s Lake Flacid Winter Olympdicks!!

This March 1st thru 3rd join the Hashers and Harriets from the Watertown, New York area as we put on a hash campout at the “Vanderkamp Retreat Center ” where 492 acres of landscape await much trail, campfires, games, and beer! The Winter Olympdicks is the Snowblinder’s H3 first big event and open season on those fitness wankers.

Hashers of varying and nonexistent physical degree unite! Only those who are liver strong will survive! Competition will be fierce in the battle for the gold in a contest for the best drunken prowess and stamina. We have 4 trails lined up for your inconvenience! No shiggy will be denied while we traverse the woods in search of beer. In addition to what trail brings we have many events through the Olympdicks. Events including: Hammerslahgin, The Frozen Beer Mile, Beer Pong Tournament, Flip Cup Tournament, Three Man, Tour de Chug, The Great American Hasher Relay, an Ugly Sweater Contest, and A Dessert Shot throw down.

In addition to the competition the hash will be in the center. A Haberdasher Bazaar will be on site where kennels can each set up and horde every other t shirt others have to offer. Patch challenges are always on as long as there is a patch to trade or crazy challenge to attempt. There will also be the ever so cozy Hashpitality Suite where you can just sit around, telling jokes and drinking all the beer.

No worries about sleeping in a breezy tent if you don’t want to. Indoor lodging, beds, bathrooms, kitchen and common areas will be included with registration to the event. That is for preferences in passing out areas. Tents and camper areas are also available.

One sad note is that this event does not allow pets. Sad Face. Fido has to stay home this time.

On-On to the Olympdicks!

Shirts, Shiggy Socks, Cold Weather underclothing, Gloves, Coat, Camping Chair

Location Details

VanderKamp Campgrounds

337 Martin Road Cleveland, NY, 13042

2 Large lodges on 492 acres of the Vanderkamp Campgrounds. Facilities contain bunk beds, single beds, double beds, bathroom with shower.

Schedule of Events

-Gimmies pick up
Pre lube and Social Hour
-Keg Tap!
-Evening Meal
Campfire Lit
Evening Shenanighans
-Games & Whatever

Hash Games to start the day!
Early Afternoon Trail
Social Activities
Evening Trail
Midnight Optional Naked Trail aka Ug Trail

Fat Boy Trail
Closing Circle

Public Event

14 Hashers cumming:

5 O'Twat Shadow

Tidewater H3

Boo Berry Tits

Flour City Hash House Harriers

Free 2 Lay

Susquehanna Pussies on Trail

Jalapeno Pussy Footer

Chattahoochee Valley Hash House Harriers

Lick Around For Seconds

Flour City Hash House Harriers

Random Fucked Up Shit

Snowblinder's Hash House Harriers

Swayze's Swollen Throat

Flour City Hash House Harriers
I'm not from Hollywood...

Aims Low

(Hogtown )

Dick Duster


Jalapeno Pussy Footer


Jurassic Snark

(Depends H3)

Shits and Ladders

(Boston hash house...)

Shrimpin' Ain't Easy