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Map My Cunt


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SMUTTyCrab SMUTToberfest 2018

10/19 12:00 PM to 10/21 10:00 AM

A SMUTTyCrab Hash Campout

Cost: $110


Are you looking for “something completely different” in your life? SMUTTy Crab H3's 3rd Annual SMUTToberfest has just the thing: A Monty Python-themed camp out!
SMUTTy Python’s Imbibing Circus has all the beer, hashing, campfires, food, and partying you could ever want! Be sure to bring your SPAM, and we’ll provide the watery tarts distributing swords as a basis of government!

CAMP INFO: Lions Camp Merrick is located at 3650 Rick Hamilton Place, Nanjemoy, Maryland 20662. We are located in the woods and on the water with a big dock for fishing/crabbing, as well as non-motorized watercraft. Please follow any state laws that apply to you in those situations (i.e. bringing your own equipment and licenses, wearing floatation devices accordingly, etc.)

ACCOMMODATIONS/RV’s: Heated cabins with bunks for every camper, a shower row house, four RV/Camper spaces with electric only. Please contact Map if you wish to secure a space for your RV. We also have plenty of space for those who wish to tent camp. (*NO extra fees apply to any of these options.)

FOOD: We do NOT accommodate special diets. We are a “Meat” and “Barely/Kind-of Non-Meat” camp out. If you want a detailed copy of the menu, please email Map.
*If you wish to bring food with you supplement a specific diet, please tell us in advance so that we can ensure spare refrigerator space is available for you. We are more than happy to help you in this regard!

Animal Policy: No animals are allowed per our contract with the camp. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rego Info: You must be 21 years of age to party with us. No partial regos, and no day-of/walk-in regos allowed.

OTHER STUFF: No glass is permitted at camp, unless permission is obtained in advance (for example, a growler of beer for the home brew-off). Remember: Bring your own linens and bedding!! None are provided for you.

SMUTTy Python's Imbibing Circus

Start Location Details

Lions Camp Merrick

3650 Rick Hamilton Place, Nanjemoy, Maryland 20662

Schedule of Events

1200 - Check In/Beer Starts Flowing/Lawn & Drinking Games (No Lunch Provided)
1700 - Movie with Popcorn in Dining Hall
1830 - Mr. Creosote’s Cajun Shrimp Boil
2100 - Ministry of Silly Walks Shooting Star Trail

0730 - Stride of Pride to SPAM and Eggs Breakfast
0900 to 1045 - Homebrew-Off Begins/Bring Out Your Hab!
1100 - SMUTTy Crab’s Search for the Holy Trail
1230 - Lunch and Stuff
1315 - Circle Up!
1400 - Pining for the Fjords Power Hours w/ Movie in Dining Hall
1600 - Costume & Photo Time/Completely Different Olympics
1730 - Movie and Popcorn in Dining Hall
1800 - Pig Roast Dinner
2000 - Cake O’Clock with Movie in Dining Hall
2200 - Help! Help! I’m Being Repressed! Nature Trail

0730 - Honest-to-Goodness Breakfast and Leftovers
0900 - Revival Time
1000 - Get ready to make like a baby, a tree, or a banana; pick one.

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