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I cant find my Toga

SHIT So Happy It’s Tuesday Glow Me House Party AGM 2018

09/15 11:36 AM

A SHIT Hash Weekend

Cost: $80*

So Happy It’s Tuesday Glow Me House Party AGM

The 2018 S.H.I.T. AGM will be held in Strasburg VA on Sept 15th

We have rented a beautiful Castle / Mansion to party all day and night in.

Glow Me Party:

Come dressed in anything that glows or will glow when under black lights for a night of drinking, games, dancing, and stupidity.

Lunch: Off site at an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
Dinner: Pizza & I Cunt Hear Yous BBQ Pork at the house.
Snacks: Orange Food & Random Hot Snacks throughout the night.
Sunday GTFO Breakfast: I Cunt Hear You's Egg Casserole and Coffee.

A fire pit will be provided.

Jello Shots
Margarita Machine

Lunch Trail (Real Trail)

Crash Space:
Backyard with a tent or wherever you pass out in the house.

What to Bring:
Tent if you plan to crash
Things that glow or will glow
Spare clothing
Spare key for when you lock your key inside your car.
Bug Spray


Start Location Details

Strasburg, VA - Actual Location will be sent via email closer to event date.

Strasburg, VA

Public Event

11 Hashers cumming:

Grape Gape

Fredericksburg Urban Hash House Harriers


So Happy It's Tuesday
I cant find my Toga

I Cunt Hear You

So Happy It's Tuesday
I'm not a furry.

Penis Fly Trap

Skull & Boners H3
She's a furry.

$10 Oar

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Busted Bush


Can't Talk With My Mouth Full



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Side Boob


Trail of Snail