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I cant find my Toga

SHIT 18th Bi-Annual Half-Mind , Half-Ass, Half-Case, Half-Marathon and Taco Palooza

06/18 10:00 AM

A SHIT Trail

Cost: $1*


Parents Weekend, Herpiclies, Bumspringa, Lumberscat



COVID Vaccine Required

It’s time again for the Half-Mind, Half-Assed, Half-Case, Half-Marathon. That’s right, 2 six mile loops plus a little extra. Tacos will be served afterwards with all the fixings.

This year we will have
-Camping Available
-Indoor Bathroom

Rego closes the Friday before at Noon - No Day of Regos

You have a few pricing/trail options, so choose wisely. By wisely, we mean to make bad decisions and do the full half marathon with us:

-$30 | A full day of prancing in the woods drinking beers! Toe Tag!, 13 Beers, 13 Miles, 2 Tasty Hand Selected Shot Checks, A Taco Palooza with all the fixins.

-$20 | 6 Beers, 6 Miles, 1 Tasty Hand Selected Shot Check, A Taco Palooza with all the fixins. Or 6 Beers & 13 Miles if you cant commit to full racist drinking behavior.

-$6 | Just Tacos - AKA Picking up my drunk person.

Hares: Parent’s Weekend, Herpicles, Bumspringa, Lumber Scat, Doctor Cockulas

Other info: They'll be food and swimming afterwards, so bring your swimming gear (or don't), but definitely some sun-screen. Start is in Southern Maryland, about 50 minutes outside the beltway. But there is camping available, so bring what you need to stay safe after consuming 13+ beers!

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So Happy It's Tuesday
I cant find my Toga