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To Sobriety and Beyond!

SeniorsH3 Midsomnar 2021

06/25 07:30 PM to 06/27 12:30 PM

A SeniorsH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $39

Välkommen alla to the SENIOOOORS Midsomnar Hash Weekend! Join us for a Swedish-themed midsummer celebration where you can bust out your Nordic drinking horns and rest easy knowing that you can’t get held hostage by a cult twice! PayPal $39 to seniorsh3@gmail.com (friends & family) to claim your spot at this sh*tshow of a weekend.
You must PayPal seniorsh3@gmail.com (friends and family) in order to join the list for this weekend cummunity

What: Get kidnapped by a semi-Pagan, semi-Swedish cult
When: June 25th-27th
Where: Kansas City, MO
Hash Cash: $39

Alright, so what does my money get me..? Included with your rego: 3 trails (Fri-Sun), Vin Brännbol (wanker translation: bagged wine baseball/cricket game) dinner and bonfire Saturday, guided yoga w/ champagne Sunday morning, swag, and tenting space for the weekend.

Please refrain from bringing: dogs (without consent from your host), a bad attitude, RVs, weapons of any kind, and hash drama.

COVID-19 Disclaimer: We are in the process of discussing our policies and procedures regarding the Coronavirus. While we cannot know what the local ordinances will look like in June regarding masks, vaccination records, etc., if you are planning to receive the vaccine, we encourage you to attempt to schedule yours before May 21st for two doses or June 11th for one dose.

Indoor crash space is available, please tell us if modern technology is required to keep you alive and operational.

Schedule of events is below, in hash time.

Swedish Midsummer

Hash attire and accessories for $39 worth of fun, Midwest summer safety measures (sunscreen/bugspray), anything you need to cover yourself for 42 hours

Start Location Details

Eww I Pooped in your backyard

Kansas City, MO

Schedule of Events

7:30 pm - SENIORS! June Trail

1:00 pm - KCH3 Trail #16XX flows into Vin Brännbol
And then, what? - Pizza and Circle
Later, skater - On-after Bonfire at Poop's

9:30 - Yoga w/ champagne
10:30 - Pearl Necklace (PNH3) Co-ed Trail #6.9
12:30 - GTFO

Public Event

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To Sobriety and Beyond!