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This event will cap at 75 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.

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BNH3 is my first love

SeniorsH3 1st Anal Lock In 2019

12/06 06:00 PM to 12/07 10:00 AM

A SeniorsH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $60*


STD, Spanks, Poop, Just Sara,

PAY WITH PAYPAL: seniorsh3@gmail.com choose friends and family!

Cum one, cum all to the 1st Anal SENIOOOOORS Hawaiian Semi-Formal Homecumming Lock In! Just like you (and your Grandpa before he got your Grandma pregnant at Homecuming) did in High School , we will be hashing, skating, and feeding you! This is our year!

Join your fellow half minds at The Starlite Skate Center in Topeka, KS, to hash, drink, skate and dance the night away. This is an OVER NIGHT EVENT. GTFO on Saturday morning to do whatever you want (but we recommend the KCH3 12 Down Downs).

What will this cost?
First 20 PEOPLE: $50
All regos after that UNTIL the week of the event: $60
Week of (Monday 02 -06 Dec): $69

What does this get you? Glad you asked...
2 Trails! Shuttle to the start! Pizza! Skating! Dancing! A hard floor to sleep on (BYO sleep gear or just dont sleep)! Booze! Snacks! Breakfast!

What this does not get you:
Laid! Pregnant! To/From Topeka! Eternal salvation! Graduation with no college debt!

Hawaiian Semi-formal Homecumming

If you don't want to sleep on the floor, suggest a sleep pad, cot or air mattress. If you are a light sleeper being Ear plugs....we will all be in the same building. Bring your coconut bras and grass skirts. Have you ever hashed in the winter in the Midwest? Dress accordingly. Pajamas (or not). Sleep mask? Blankets for a fort? Who knows!

Location Details

Starlite Skate Center 301 SE 45th St, Topeka, KS

Starlite Skate Center 301 SE 45th St, Topeka, KS

A bar somewhere, then Starlite!

Schedule of Events

6PM- Arrive at Starlite and get shuttled to the start
730- Hares Away and trail!
11pm back at Starlite. Strap on some skates, change into your Hawaiian attire and party! Don't worry, in true fashion of SENIORS, the punch will be Spiked.
1230am - Late night Trail

When we make it for you- Breakfast!
Closing Circle 915
GTFO- 930

Public Event

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BNH3 is my first love

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