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SeDH3 Mrs. Roper Pub Crawl 2023

10/07 02:00 PM

A SeDH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $35


Kaftan (alt. spelling caftan): typically a cotton or silk long sleeved tunic-like garment

Mu Mu: a loose flowy dress, often brightly colored with flower print

Let's face it, they're both the epitome of comfort, concealing all our bits, bobs, and occasional beer-baby bumps beneath swathes of breezy fabric.

It's not just about the caftan! Mrs. Roper, in her humorous flirtatious ways, became an unlikely beacon for community and bonding. Her interactions, though often laced with sarcasm, spoke of genuine connection, understanding, and an indomitable spirit that resonates today. She embodies the essence of cumming together, having fun, and enjoying life's quirky moments. STANLEY!!

You've been given notice! Find your caftan, your Mumu, your chunky fashion accessories, and that classic curly wig! We are pub crawling it, in Charlotte! There will be prize categories for nearly a clone, most humorous take, and best accessories! Maybe more, if the hares get creative!

So, mark your calendars, go shopping at the nearest thrift store, and plan on being on the west side of Charlotte.

Your rego will cover at least one drink at three different breweries and some other delicious beverages along the way. All extra funds will be donated to a charity to be decided by the group.

ID Card, cash for extra credit, your best Mrs. Roper impersonation, spare liver, love for the Queen City, etc...

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3 Hashers cumming



Cape Fear H3

Brown Buffet

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Areola 151

Charlotte Hash House Harriers
Probing costs extra