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This event will cap at 69 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.

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SBH3 Skull & Boners H3 **HIGH OCTANE** Octavus Analversary!! 2021

11/19 04:00 PM to 11/21 11:00 AM

A SBH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $139*


Robocock, Just Sam, Spatchcock


COVID-19 Note: THIS IS A VACCINATED OR NEGATIVE COVID TEST RESULT EVENT! If you have not already done so at a previous Skull & Boner event, you will be required to email proof of vaccine OR negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival to the event. Please visit our Facebook Page for our guidelines regarding out of state travel to CT, our handling of social distancing, plus health & safety for this event.

Bring your heaters, ra*ist gear, energy drinks, diesel, eight-balls, Mad Max shit, fire brands, and (dare I say) lighter fluid to the Skull & Boners High Octane Octavus Analversary!

Price is scaled:
Until September 17th: $139
Until October 15th: $159
Until November 5th: $179
PAYPAL: Skullandbonersh3@gmail.com
*Want a reduced-price rego? Cumsider signing up as an event voluntbeer to sweeten the experience! We are looking for voluntbeers for: cooking, campsite cleanup, event RA, van drivers, food servers, hash flash, and more! When the voluntbeering is complete we will refund an agreed upon portion of your rego at the end of the event!

We need: *1 Parking Czar *2 Trash Goblins *2 Kitchen Bitches *Guest RA *3 Drivebeers *2 Slop Slingers (food) *2 Hash Flash *2 Early Friday setup (10/11am) *3 Camp Cleanup

The highest Boner rego ever includes: Accommodations**, trail Saturday, Cabin Shot Crawl Friday, Fat Boy Sunday, some baller Boner gimee, food all weekend, and plenty of firewood. Plus beer. Lots of beer. And skipper. And DEFINITELY buzzballs. Hopefully working showers (weather dependent) We'll party like it's Friday the 13th in our outdoor dance pavilion, then move inside to our dance/dining hall!

Note on accommodations: This campground’s plumbing is not buried deep enough to avoid freezing. Should there be consistent freezing temperatures the week surrounding the event, the *water will be shut off. This means that we will have porta potties and will be providing water and other sanitary items for hygiene and mud removal. There IS a flowing river on site to wash oneself Boner style!

Send payment to SkullAndBonersH3@GMAIL.com via Paypal. Please send as FRIENDS & FAMILY to avoid the fee.
Saturday Only Price: $69
Anyone cumming for just Saturday can pay $69 for food, trail and gimme. Please rego and pay beforehand so we have enough. Drop ins are $40 without gimme.
Rego by October 20th for guaranteed gimme

Note that the gimme runs large! If you want more room order your usual size, if not order down a size!

We will be staying and partying at Camp Cedarcrest in Orange, CT! There will be FIREplaces! An abnormally large firePIT! Dance party building! Full kitchen! Bathrooms and showers (unless weather does not permit), multiple sleeping cabins with bunkbeds(uh oh), shower/bathhouse,
Watch your email and our facebook page for moar deets!

Via rail:
Amtrak (https://www.amtrak.com/home) – New Haven station, then get on MetroNorth southbound to Milford. Please let us know your arrival times and we'll work to coordinate carpools OR you can take an Uber or Lyft.
MetroNorth (http://www.mta.info/mnr) - If you are cumming from the NYC area, the MetroNorth is the best way to go. Depart Grand Central Terminal, and arrive at Milford Station in ~2 hours. Inexpensive Uber or Lyft to the campground or carpool.
If you plan on flying in, consider flying into LGA (Laguardia, NYC). Tickets are typically much cheaper than flying into CT. There is a shuttle bus to Grand Central for $14, and it's $16.50 for an off-peak Metro North ticket to Milford from there.

It’s the Octavum Autem Anno (Eighth Anniversary), so we are HIGH OCTANE this year!!

Vessels, Shiglets, Shot for Cabin Crawl, spooky stories, unique way to mark your cabin, BEDDING: Bunks are long twins, ONE small/medium Heater per cabin, CRANIUM LAMPS/FLASHLIGHTS REQUIRED,

Location Details

Camp Cedarcrest

886 Mapledale Rd Orange, CT 06477

Camp Cedarcrest Cabins

There are 15 cabins available that EACH sleep 6. YOU will be responsible for securing shared cabin space. There is a post on the FB event to coordinate!

Cabins 1-5: Closest to main buildings and shitters/showers, fireplaces
Cabins 7-8: Quiet, far from buildings
Cabins 9-11: Quiet, far from buildings, closest to opening circle.
Cabins 12-13: Quiet
Cabins 14-15: Furthest from main buildings.
Cabin 16: Largest, sleeps 12, fireplace.


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