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Scuba Deuce


Spandex Afficionado

SBFMH3 Mr. Boh's Exclusive Liquor Bar at US Nash Hash 2024

08/30 12:00 PM to 09/02 12:00 PM

A Liquor Add On Package for US Nash Hash event hosted by SBFMH3

Cost: $50

This is the special upgraded alcohol package for US Nash Hash 2024.

This is targeted at hashers who prefer to drink liquor or wine or craft beer rather than keg beer/seltzer/cider.

Participants will get a special Nash Hash souvenir bracelet which grants access to Mr. Boh's Private Bar tent, which will feature a fully-stocked bar staffed with trained bartenders eager to make your boozy dreams come true. Liquors, wines, frozen cocktails, and craft beers await the hasher who buys the magic ticket into this club.

If you've been to Savannah Green Dress and experienced their "Drama Club" option: this is the same idea. In fact, we've even hired the same bartenders they use!

The bar will operate on all 4 days of Nash Hash 2024, generally from breakfast to midnight.

NOTE: Participants will need to purchase an event rego separately for Nash Hash. This is ONLY the liquor add on to your Nash Hash Rego

Venmo: @ScubaDeuce
Paypal: NashHashUSA@gmail.com (Note: you need to pay the fees with this option, so it'll cost like $1.20 more)

And you won’t show up on the who’s cumming list until we receive your payment. Pay early, pay often.

Start Location Details

Seaside View Recreation Park, Ridge, MD

Seaside View RV Park

Public Event

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