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SBFMH3 Boats and Hoes Prelewd to USA Nash Hash 2024

08/30 11:00 AM

A Hash Prelewd and Boat Naming event hosted by SBFMH3

Cost: Free/Pay as you go

Want to get allll the hashing you can into Labor Day Weekend?
Worried that 4 days of USA Nash Hash is not enough?
Want to get the MORE Southern Maryland riparian entertainments?

Well, then urine luck! Around the World in 80 Lays is launching her boat from the marina just down the river from the Nash Hash Campground. She’s negotiated with the marina owners to throw a christening party on Friday AND get free camping space at the marina Thursday for anyone who needs it.

We’ll have drinks.
We’ll have foods.
We’ll have music.
We’re going to hash-name a boat.

Spend the night, or show up Friday late morning, and then anyone who wants to can sail on the boat up the river to Nash Hash on Friday.

This event is Free-ninety-free.

Please wear your finest Boats and Hoes-themed hashy attire.

Boats N Hoes

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