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SB-H3 High Octane TuTu’s Eighth Anal Mywhorial 2022

05/27 04:00 PM to 05/29 11:00 AM

A SB-H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $79*


Binoc and friend


COVID-19 Note: Please visit our Facebook Page for our guidelines regarding, out of state travel to CT, and our handling of social distancing, health & safety for this event. Even if you are vaccinated, please show a negative Covid test 72 hours prior to the event. It’s still a thing and we do not want a spreader event.

See payment information in BOLD below

Cum join us for our Eighth Anal Mywhorial Day Campout: A shiggy shitty trail, and an awesome hash campout with the Skull and Boners!

The theme this year is High Octane TuTu

What are you going to get? A muddy good time with a few good friends and some fun goodies.

Awesome lingerie shot crawl

-SKIPPER (some assembly required)



-Swimming! Mostly in the swamp, possibly a pond

-Lots of B( o )( o )bs!

-Wristbands to indicate to drunk wankers your comfort level all weekend. We have Red (don’t come within 6 feet of me), Yellow (ask, I might let you within 6 feet of me), Green (I want to be 6 inches from you to ask for a hug)

Plus you won't believe all the cool ass Boner Hab we have to sell!



Send your money via paypal to:


we will mark you off as paid. Please include your hash and muggle name. You will not be checked off as cumming til then.

We are capping the event at 35 wankers so make sure you pay. You will not be checked off as cumming til then.

Price is scaled:
Until April 1st: $59
Until May 1st: $69
Until May 14th: $79

Saturday only rego is $49

Please leave your fur babies at home, No Dogs Allowed at camp unless approved by Binoc.

High Octane TuTu’s

Tent, sleeping bag, dry bag, towel, a drink to share for the friday night shot crawl, sense of adventure and desire to play in the mud. Leave your dignity at home, it has no place at campout.

Location Details


Start Location TBA

Being a tent, we will be at Binoc’s again! Address will be sent to those coming closer to the event

Schedule of Events

4 pm Arrive/Kegs tapped
6:30 pm Dinner
9 pm Lingerie Shot crawl. Be Mindful of Wristband Colors!
All night Camp Shenanigans! Strippy Cup! Fireside Chats!

Wake Up Breakfast and mimosas
10 am Hab sale
Noon Sammich stuffs
12:69pm Trail
5:30pm Dinner
All night Camp Shenanigans! Strippy Cup! Fireside Chats!

Wake up Breakfast stuffs
10am Fat boy trail hared by .... You?!
11am GTFO

Public Event

See the full list!

30 Hashers came


Dime Store Tom Cruise


Just Alex


Master Hater

Skull & Boners

Just Kristen


Hoover McSuck n Fuck






Moxie Whorer Tits for Show


Damp Cake

Happy Valley H3
No one likes damp cake...



Phalice Down the Rabbits Hole


Cockó Bel Grãnde


Marty McDie


Drunksophila Masturbator

Long Island Lunatics

Love Canal

New York City Hash House Harriers



Biff! Pow! Slap! Slap! Slap!






Mourning Wood

Everyday Is Wednesday H3
Not a happy morning, t...

Mr. Manwhorium's Sex Toy Emporium


Brown Buffet

Charlotte Hash House Harriers

Frank Llayd Wrong

Skull & Boners H3

Doctor Blow

(Beantown City H3)

Rocky Mountain Spotted Beaver

Skull & Boners H3
in luto et sanguinem b...


DC Road Whores
Trust me, I'm a profes...

Phuck U



Skull & Boners
Semper Gumby