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SB-H3 10th Anal Mywhorial 2024

05/24 04:00 PM to 05/26 12:00 PM

A SB-H3 Hash Campout

Cost: $89*


Taint No Savior and more!


COVID-19 Note: Yes, this is still a thing, and yes, If you are sick, stay the fuck home!

Ten years of Mywhorial and the world has ended. It's our post-apocalyptic world: Mad Max style.

Price is scaled:
Early bird until March 24: $59
Until April 14th: $69
Until May 5th: $79
Until May 19th: $89
PAYPAL: Skullandbonersh3@gmail.com

Please send as FRIENDS & FAMILY to avoid the fee.
Anyone cumming for just Saturday can pay $49 for food, trail and gimme. Please rego and pay beforehand so we have enough. Drop ins are $20 without gimme.
Rego by April 15th for guaranteed gimme.

We need volunteers! Cumsider signing up as an event voluntbeer to sweeten the experience! We are looking for voluntbeers for: campsite cleanup, van drivers, food servers, hash flash, and more!

Boner rego includes: trail Saturday, tent Shot Crawl Friday, Fat Boy Sunday, some baller Boner gimee, and food all weekend. Plus beer. Lots of beer. And skipper. And DEFINITELY buzzballs.

Skeletwhore is welcoming us back to her property this year! There will be designated areas to be a bit more nakey so we don’t scare the muggles. Who knows, maybe the cops will come investigate the “cult” again!

Post-Apocalyptic: Mad Max Style

Probably a tent... or maybe a hammock. Vessels, Shiglets, Shot for tent Crawl, spooky stories, strong liver, desire to play in the mud. Leave your dignity at home.

Schedule of Events

4pm: Check in
6:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm: Opening Circle
9pm: Shot Crawl
10pm: General Camp Shenanigans

8am: breakfast
10am: hab sale
12pm: lunch
1269pm: Trail
6pm: Dinner
7pm: Circle
8pm: Shenanigans

10am: Fat boy
12pm: GTFO*

*Sunday activities continue with a black dress for My Thing's a Mini at 1pm. Skeletwhore has graciously offered to allow people to stay overnight Sunday as well in order to attend. Food and drink are on your own for that portion.

Public Event

See the full list!

47 Hashers came


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Long Island Lunatics

Taint No Savior




The ClothesHer

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Marty McDie


Amelia Bare Parts




Pinball Jizzer

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Pocket Puppy Surprise

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Can't Bone On Sundays



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Frank Llayd Wrong

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Stroke Me Throat Goat


1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, WHORE!

Greater Gotham Full Moon Hash

Screams Do Cum Thru

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Accounts Gayable


I-Feel Tower

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Dead in the box

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MoreMen Pukes Tonight

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Love Canal

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Virgin Alison


Expiration Dating


Drop a Pin, Slip It In

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Salty Taco

Skull & Boners


Skull & Boners
Fuck a Duck for Luck


(Wandering Whore H3)

Marilyn ManHoe

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