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Online Rego for this event is closed. Please contact the Organizers if you still want to attend.

SavH3 SHIT 2020

10/30 04:00 PM to 11/01 04:00 PM

A SavH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: Free/Pay as you go

It's Savannah's Hashoweenie Infected Toga Weekend!

Come one! Come all! It's time to break out your favorite zombie toga costume and come to SavH3's annual Hashoween pubcrawl! Need incentive? It's a Full Hunters Moon! But wait, there's MORE!
We've teamed up with Southeastern Degenerates AND Southeast Xtra for a whoreish THREE days of Hashing! So go ahead and plan for crash space or a DD because something something. Hab will be available too!

-wHo: Hashers, Virgins, Friends (21+) you want to bring so they think less of you!

-How much: $10-$50. Proceeds will be donated after overhead is covered.

-wHat to bring: Costume(s), shiggy shoes, walking shoes, monies, ID... perhaps leave the dignity at home.

-Out of Towners: Crash space can be arranged!!! Come get drunk with us for a good cause!!!

Tentative Schedule: Friday (10/30) evening trail hosted by Southeastern Degenerates ($10).
Saturday (12:00 10/31) Themed Pub Crawl hosted by Savannah H3, downtown Savannah ($30). On-After at Sundae's Castle Beyond the Goblin City.
Sunday (11/1) trail hosted by Southeast Xtra ($10).
Venmo: @savh3 for each trail or ($50) for all three trails.

This year's charity is Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire.

Be vigilant of health concerns about COVID19 (or any hash crud).
As with any event, if you are not healthy, do not show up and put others at risk. That's how you can get banned and / or bludgeoned. There will be wristbands! When in doubt ASK FIRST.
Red - No Contact, please respect their wishes and stay 6 feet away.
Green - Open to all consenting contact. Please still use caution with your activities, we love our fellow hashers.


Zombie Toga

Start Location Details


Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Thirsty Thursday Bitches!!

Trail hosted by Southeast Degens

Noon Pub Crawl in Downtown Savannah!
On after immediately following at Sundae's (Free weeds)

SEX Trail!

Public Event

26 Hashers cumming:


Wandering Whore H3
Never Leave Camp!

Clean Clam

I'm not here to fuck. ...

Confused Follies

Wandering Whore H3
Come play with me!

Da Udder White Meat

Wandering Whore H3

Darby’s A FatAss

Aloha Hash House Harriers

Farm to Table

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Farta Sutra

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Jaws Fisteen

Savannah Hash House Harriers
Ride the Shark!!

Kilty By Association

Savannah Hash House Harriers

La Coocharacha

Gainesville Area Thirsty Runners H3 (GATRH3)

No Slip Grip

Southeastern Degenerates H3

Put it in your mouth, Its Electric

Savannah Hash House Harriers


PoppyCock H3
I'm your huckleberry

Six Months Gone Bi

PoppyCock H3

Stupid Hoe

Jacksonville H3
$20 is $20

Sundae school, Eh?!

Wandering Phoenician Trash

Titsmanian Devil

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Unleash the Clotten

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Yellow Dick Road

Savannah Hash House Harriers

Yellow suburine

Savannah Hash House Harriers



Just jenn


Lube Nazi


Not Gay


Sex Ray Tech


Son of a Swinger Man