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SavH3 Hashoweekend 2017

10/20 08:00 PM

A SavH3 Hash Weekend

Cost: $25


Hearse So Good, Midget Rodeo, 2Girls1Knife, Big Tittie Horse Fister, Blow Job in the Garden of Good and Evil

Do you dare brave the haunted sHiggy and streets of Savannah? Are you stocked up on garlic, holy water, and silver? You will need them. This year we bring you two days of drunken shenanigans. Friday night, you will be cursed with a sHiggy trail in search of a lost castle. Saturday, we will feed you numerous intoxicating potions in the hopes that we can sacrifice you to G later that night. Cum and join us for a hauntingly good time!

The cost gets you trail for Friday and the pub crawl on Saturday.

It's hashoweekend bitches!!

Start Location Details

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

Extra credit sHiggy Trail

Time: 8pm
Location: TBA
Hares: 2 Girls 1 Knife, Big Tittie Horse Fister, Hearse So Good, & Blowjob in the Garden of Good and Evil
sHiggy level: 3 ish

Hashoween Pub Crawl

Time: 4pm
Location: TBA
Hares: Hearse So Good, Midget Rodeo
sHiggy level: .69

Public Event

17 Hashers came:

Hot Tub Slime Machine

I'm so pretty...

Farm to Table




Ketchup Mustard Onions Pickles... BLEECH!


NFHN Emily


NFHN Erick


NFHN Jackie


Number 2

(White House HHH)

Spring-roll Hole


Virgin Amanda


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Virgin Jared