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Hash harder not smarter!

RogueNorth PINK DRESS 2022!

10/15 12:00 PM

A RogueNorth Trail

Cost: $25




This year LVH3 (Lehigh Valley) is teaming up with The Rogue North Hash House Harriers to hunt the wilds of The North for the elusive Sassy-Squatch! And collect monies for a good cause along the way!

As always all monies raised from this event will be donated directly to a person or persons in our community undergoing treatment. We like to give a prize to the hasher who raises the most money so start collecting donations now!

There will also be a prize for the Sassiest dresser amongst you. Rock that pink and see if you can out sass the squatch!

Bring cash for stuff!

Food donations for on after are being accepted!

Location: Slatington Skeet Club 8112 Skeet Club Rd. Slatington, PA 18080

Time: 12 PM meetup at the Skeet Club Grove.
Hashers who need crash space are welcum to set up tents etc. at the TenderWaffle house Friday (or Saturday morning!).

Hash Cash: $25

PayPal $25 rego to: RogueNorthH3@gmail.com or Venmo @John-Heatter
Leave comment for Pink Dress.

Pink Dress

Dry Bag, lots of monies.

Start Location Details

Slatington Skeet & Sporting Pavillion

8112 Skeet Club Rd, Slatington, PA 18080

Public Event

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