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RH3C 2022 Ohio Interhash 2022

09/09 04:00 PM

A RH3C Hash Campout

Cost: $100*


Avast ye mateys! OHIH Interhash is back with a splash! For the first time since the days of Blackbeard, the Kennels of Ohio will batten down the hatches and man the ships for a massive bounty for all who are DTF (down to float)!

Where: Riversedge Campground 520 N. Riverview Rd, Malta, Oh 43758

When: September 9-11, 2022

What to expect:
Sites: Fire rings, electricity, and water available. Not all sites are glamping, primitive sites are also available along the beach, and in the lawn.

Driving: Once you park, plan not to be driving away again until Sunday.

Fire: Each camp site in the main area has a fire ring. No jumping over the fire. Remember: dead men tell no tales. Only the cut wood that is in the woodpile goes in the fire. Only use existing fire rings for camp fires. Do not start your own personal fire near campsite.

Floats: Appropriate attire is required for the floats. COVER YER BOOTY!

Costumes/Packing: So you are still confused about what to wear & when? Here are our recommendations. Our theme is…Pirates! Don’t bring anything you don’t want to get wet.

Your rego includes: food, fun, beer, all the river water you desire, flushing toilets, and warm showers.

Rego Pricing and Information
5/7/22 - 6/17/22 $100
6/18/22 - 7/29/22 $120
7/30/22 - Cap $140

Paypal: Cottage Cheese (Rachel Hastings)
e-mail: renegadeh3cbusoh@gmail.com
Use Friends and family, include your Nerd Name and your Hash Name
For tax purposes, include a note "reimbursement for OHIH"

Plan to bring yer doubloons...
Hab Sales: Feel Free to bring your kennel’s haberdashery to set up and sell. Hab Sales will be set up in the Pavilion during Rego and Saturday Morning.

Hab not guaranteed past first 100 regos.

There are a limited amount of RV spots, available, please contact Cottage Cheese to reserve an RV space 724.470.6930
If you desire to come earlier than the event start date, contact Cottage Cheese in advance.

Sexual Assault/Harassment: Hashing provides a great outlet for all types of fun, but to be fun for everyone, you (men AND women) need to have consent from the other party/parties. Nudity is not consent, actions under obvious inebriation are not consent. If something seems wrong about a situation, it’s ok to ask some pointed questions and stop a bad situation before it starts. Take care of one another but if you see something that you can’t handle or not sure about, please find a member of OHIH Mismanagement. If you are behaving to the point that others are frightened and/or feel grievous harm might befall their person, you will be dealt with in a swift manner. Everyone has the right to feel safe and secure.

RULES: Don't be a dick!

COVID: If you are positive, even if you are asymptomatic, please Do Not Attend. Thank you for your understanding!

NO: teenagers, kids, guns, dogs, refunds, or bad attitudes

Fine print: OHIH misman reserves the right to refuse rego.

Arrrr Mateys we be Pirates

Tent, Kayak, River Float, Canoe, (pool floats not recommended) Cranium lamps, dry bag, pirate gear, towels, bug spray, sunblock, camp chair, water shoes or crocks, s’more fixins or any other fire cooked food you desire for snackin’ and plenty of dry clothes. **KAYAK, RIVER FLOAT, or CANOE**

Start Location Details

Schedule of Events

REGO: 4-7pm
Arrive on or after 4pm, If you arrive early, you will be put to work, no exceptions
Dinner: 6ish pm
We will have a late night Pirate trail followed by a midnight Full Moon Float

Brekky: 7-8:00am ish
Trail: 10am on out
Lunch: 1:00pm ish
Afternoon float trip: 3:00pm
Evening music and sea shanty's, fire pits etc.

Brekky: 7-8:00am ish
Fatboy: 9:00am Hare: Beemer
12:00: Walk The Plank aka GTFO

Public Event

See the full list!

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