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This event will cap at 150 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.

RH3 Virginia Interhash XXVIII 2024

09/13 11:00 AM

A RH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $95

Grab your flip flops and Hawaiian shirts and get ready to end the summer in throwback tropical style!

Beer! Pineapples! Tiki torches! Beer! Gigantic slip and slides! Themed trails! Special themed cocktails! And did we mention beer?!

If it rains, the theme will transform into 90’s BEACH PARTY: HURRICANE REMIX!

We invite you to join us at the lovely 420 Farm in Pamplin, Virginia! This is a 25-acre private property that farms... well... I think the name says it all. NOTE: Just because the camp is 420-friendly DOES NOT mean everyone wants to partake, or get hotboxed. Please be mindful and respectful of other hashers. ✌ Smoking will NOT be permitted in common areas like the dance floor, food service area, game spaces, or at Circle. Additionally, there will be a smoke-friendly camp area and a smoke-free camp area.
Location address will be emailed out in the first email communication sent out post-rego launch.
There is LIMITED parking space at this venue, so we strongly encourage carpooling. Because of the limitation, there is a $10 PARKING FEE for all non-volunteer vehicles. Parking fee proceeds will go to our host, who are graciously letting us muddy up so much of their property with our tires!
- $95 FRBs (First 50 to Pay!)
- $105 Typical Wankers (Next 50 to Pay!)
- $115 DFLs (Last 50 to Pay!)
There IS an opportunity for a discount if you volunteer for the event. Email richmondhashhouse@gmail.com for a list of our current volunteer needs to see if you’re a good fit.

Venmo @RichmondHashHouse.
If Venmo is not an option for you, contact Misman, and we can figure out another way for you to pay.

AT ALL TIMES everyone is required to observe RH3's Three Rules of Hashing:
1. There are no rules of hashing, just traditions, guidelines, and suggestions.
2. NO! No is always an acceptable answer to ANYbody's suggestion, and it means NO! This is not a rule of hashing, it is a rule of being an adult.
3. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Again, not a rule of hashing. It's the Golden Rule and even animals know how to do that.
We reserve the right to kick out anyone who is disrupting the weekend and or doesn't follow the rules of consent!!
If you have any questions, please email the organizers at richmondhashhouse@gmail.com

Hasheritaville: 90's Beach Party

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